2022 Annual Awards: Finalists

The following projects are the annual finalists of 2022.

The top #150 projects of the year (3,4% of all submitted works) were shortlisted from the pool of the 12 monthly round finalists between May 2021 and April 2022, chosen from 4 349 films from 86 countries overall.

From the 41 awardable categories this year it will be announced each the top 3 nominations after the annual finalists are ranked once again by the judging committee of Independent Shorts Awards.

The nominees will be screened at the Raleigh Studios Hollywood during the 2022 Annual Awards on September 17th-18th. The full program will be released late May.

15 – I. M. Faneromenis produced by Eleni Domazaki and directed by Aris Katsigiannis (Greece)

211220 – The Age of Aquarius produced by Caroline Viitanen and Chrisna de Bruyn, and directed by Caroline Viitanen (Sweden)

A Familiar Voice produced by Antonio Caiazzo and Alfonso Caiazzo, and directed by Antonio Caiazzo (Italy)

A Feast That Never Comes produced by Rachel Morgan, Sven Britt, and Maria Juranic, and directed by Maria Juranic (USA)

A Humboldt Story produced by Christopher Coulombe and Jared Mirsky, and directed by Derek Muller (USA)

After Skid Row produced by Lauren Todd and Amelia Rayno, and directed by Lindsey Hagen (USA)

Agent Death produced by Manjula Vallapragada and Vivek Vallapragada, and directed by Pranav Kaushik (USA)

Alexander the Brain produced by Liam O’Brien and directed by Danny Pakulski (USA)

All Because Of The Damned Blonde’s Son produced by Kisarys Garcia, Vicente De Peña, Kimberly Taveras, and Ana Martinez, and directed by Danilo Vargas Martinez and Cristian Roberto Hernández Figueroa (Dominican Republic)

Almond Wood produced by Mark Hall and James Frost, and directed by James Frost (USA)

And Then, The Silence produced by Idris Lettifi and directed by Lucas Trochet (France)

Ant and Human produced and directed by Cevahir Çokbilir (Turkey)

Are There Bobcats in New Jersey? produced by Jack Alexander Hessler and Vogue Giambri, and directed by Aiden Ulrich (USA)

Ashes produced by Mehdi Ajroudi and directed by Lewis Martin Soucy and Mehdi Ajroudi (Tunisia)

Ashlesha produced and directed by Akib Mahmud (Bangladesh)

Babs produced by Brette Taylor, Daryl Pittman, and Jack Roberts, and directed by Brette Taylor (USA)

Be Still produced by Julianne Curtis and directed by Ben Hess (USA)

Believer produced by Yijie Peng and directed by Hong Shanjia (China)

Blood Runs produced by Tommy Baker, Harrison Baker, Kyle Leatherberry, and Tim C. Szabics, and directed by Kyle Leatherberry (USA)

Blue Moon produced by Nathaniel Lezra and Elle LeBlanc, and directed by Emily Ruhl (USA)

Breathless produced by Chen Shou and Yucong Shi, and directed by Wayne Yu (China)

Bring me a Dream produced by Addy Bruggeman, Davis Nann, Powei Su, and Micaela Hammond, and directed by Enyi Zhu and Griffin Voth (USA)

Broken Service produced by Scott Teehan and directed by Chris Guiral (USA)

Clean Mountains produced by Jos de Putter and directed by Geertjan Lassche (Netherlands)

Cognition produced by Ravi Ajit Chopra, Colin Goudie, Michael Wood, Michael R Demmerle, Zhe Zhang, John Lesand, Zein Kurdi, and Rob van den Bragt, and directed by Ravi Ajit Chopra (UK)

Composition produced by Bejan Faramarzi and directed by Paul Sestakov (USA)

Crowd produced by Merve Akar and directed by Recep Akar (Turkey)

Dancing To Jericho produced by Rabiosa Pictures, Juan Javier Cardenas, Mishka Trachtenberg Cardenas, Jonathan T. Colema, and Karis Danish, and directed by Jonathan T. Colema (USA)

Dead On Arrival produced by Christine Wood and directed by Dominic Tierno (USA)

Divr produced by Maria Fernanda Diez and Rae Binstock, and directed by Zoey Martinson (USA)

Downtown produced by Tómas Þorláksson and Mikael Emil Kaaber, and directed by Tómas Þorláksson (Iceland)

Drag Queens Must Die! produced by Sweet Nothing Productions and One Match Fire Creative, and directed by Robby Kendall (USA)

Dragunov produced by Robin Kirwan, Robert Stewart, Derry Coles, and France Theanne, and directed by Robin Kirwan (UK)

Dream of Eternity produced by Paolo Nizam and directed by Laurentius Emmelmann (Cyprus)

Eject produced and directed by Shahnam Sojoudizadeh (USA)

Eostre produced by Samantha Mallorie and Rebecca Gill, and directed by Sam Saxby (UK)

Familial produced by Faissal Sam Shaib and directed by Catherine Schetina (USA)

Finding Abraham produced by Malcolm Green, Justin Cohen, Sharon Daniel, Shahar Magram, Yehonatan Shubely, Shalev Yehud, and Yifat Prestelnik, and directed by Malcolm Green (UK)

For Love of the Land produced and directed by Cynthia Matty-Huber (USA)

Fotos produced by Pascal Maillard and Leslie Dupuis-Mendel, and directed by Arnaud Rivaille (France)

Foulmouth produced by Trey Braheem and directed by Taylor Alden Thompson (USA)

Gary produced by Scott Wickman and directed by Doug Cox (USA)

Good Times, Bad Moon produced by Georgia Noe O’Brian, Phoebe Fuller, and Emma Reily, and directed by Kristian Taylor-Wood (Australia)

Griffica produced by Mark Burns and directed by C.J. Arellano (USA)

Hanakotoba produced by Erica Raymondie, Fidy Ramamonjisoa, Franck Lahoui, and Sonny Amerie, and directed by Franck Lahoui and Jowkid (France)

He Murdered Sleep produced by Mackenzie Donaldson, Chantal Kemp, and Shonna Foster, and directed by Jeremy Boxen (Canada)

HMU – Hit Me Up produced by Ryan David Green and directed by Danh Cong Nguyen (USA)

Hopscotch produced by Brian Etting Etting and Josh Etting, and directed by M Brian King (USA)

Hot Mother produced by Evie Mackay and W.A.M. Bleakley, and directed by Lucy Knox (New Zealand)

Hummingbird produced and directed by Joseph Louis Coleman (USA)

I See You produced and directed by Shuyi Dong (China)

Imajuik produced by Marc Fussing Rosbach and Paninnguaq Lind Jensen, and directed by Marc Fussing Rosbach (Greenland)

It’s Probably Me produced by Erik Almas, Anthony Michael Burns, and Andrea Kathleen Bogart, and directed by Erik Almas (USA)

Ivar Tunnel: Shook Ones produced by Diana Gonzalez-Morett, Leon Pierce Jr., and Kejuan “Havoc” Muchita, and directed by Akilah Walker (USA)

Jeanne produced by Bruno Gantelet, Jean-Luc Azoulay, Jean-Michel Tari, and Charles-Cesar d’Amat, and directed by Fabien Remblier (France)

June produced by Dwayne Cameron and Sarah James, and directed by Dwayne Cameron (New Zealand)

Just A Little produced by Lena Rose, Hanna Gruber, and Lauren Klocker, and directed by Hanna Gruber (Austria)

Kiss Me at Dead of Night produced by Katsuya Kobayashi and directed by Dai Sako (Japan)

Korrinty produced and directed by Aziz Chennaoui (Tunisia)

Las Parcas produced by Anaïs Valley, Bruna Rubio, and Mari Cielo Pajares, and directed by Ivan Mulero (USA)

Lazarus produced and directed by Guillaume Corde (France)

Life After produced by Joel Edwards and Jesse Edwards, and directed by Jesse Edwards (USA)

Light Fantastic produced by Ned Caderni and Sean Bennett, and directed by Ned Caderni (UK)

Limbo produced by Fabricio Brandi and Angelina Medynska, and directed by Hsin Yu Chang (UK)

Lockdown produced by Tony Nottage and directed by Leon Joosen (UK)

Maija produced by Karl Njuma, Safindah Karl, Darryn Kamari Moore, and Nene Fembe Bokoe Mbeng, and directed by Nkanya Nkwai (Cameroon)

Maiko produced by Nicori co. and directed by Daisaku Yamamoto (Japan)

Mammas produced by Christophe Bouffil, Marion d Ornano, and Guillaume Marty, and directed by Carine Hazan (France)

Man in a Maze produced and directed by Sergio Jimenez (USA)

Mark My Words produced and directed by Joseph Fletcher (USA)

Mirror Mirror produced by Chris Rose and directed by Katya Ganfeld (UK)

Moon in the Cloud produced by Soohyun Hong and directed by Liliya Roys (Canada)

Morti’s Law produced and directed by Marcel Wohlfahrt and Natalie Kölbl (Germany)

Mute produced and directed by Wesley Wang (USA)

Neither Here Nor There produced and directed by Hanlin Wang (USA)

Night Shift produced by Matthew Strasburger, Brandon Estrella, and Po Wei Su, and directed by Po Wei Su (USA)

Officer Down produced by Emily Haigh and directed by Simon Pearce (UK)

Once Upon a Time in the North produced and directed by Xu Jin (China)

One in the Chamber produced by Ilan Rosenberg and directed by Hubert Boorder (Canada)

Ork produced by Alex Popov and Bradford James Jackson, and directed by Alex Popov (USA)

Our Journey produced and directed by Arnar Tómasson (Iceland)

Paradis produced by Colleen Yazbek and directed by Chris Akoury (Lebanon)

Perchance produced by Jeff Stanley and directed by Frederic Donner (USA)

Phoenix produced by Xiaodong Liu and directed by Yi Li (China)

Pictures Only produced by Jennifer Goodman, Ryan Atkins, and Charles A. Honeywood, and directed by Charles A. Honeywood (USA)

Pub Kid produced by Mollie Bromfield and directed by Liam Young (UK)

Puram produced and directed by Karthikeyan Mani (India)

Pursuit of Heavens produced by Emmanuel Benbihy and directed by Pak Hou Chau (Macao)

Queer Fish in God’s Waiting Room produced by Kristi Anderson Ornstein, Christopher Martini, Amanda Righetti, Mark Lake, and Johnny Egan, and directed by Adrian Pasdar (USA)

Resignation Day produced by Adam Brashaw, Michael Hall, Adam Basil, and Chris Hallum, and directed by Adam Brashaw and Adam Basil (UK)

Rewound Memory produced by Eric (Juexing) Qian and directed by Rui Ma (USA)

River of Small Gods produced by Rea Chupek and directed by Bradley Tangonan (USA)

Rock Hard with the Clown produced by Mike Shea and directed by Tyler Kirby (USA)

Runner produced by Joel Cocciolone and Rich Gilliam, and directed by Joel Cocciolone (USA)

Safe And Sound produced by Chen Xiao Xuan and directed by Chang Hao (Taiwan)

Sandra’s Sunday Best produced by Camiel van den Brink and Paige Petersen and directed by Janssen Swent (USA)

Season of Victory produced by Teresa Seale, Ashley James, Iffy Roma, and Goldie Rankin, and directed by Stephen Robinson (USA)

Show Me the End of Time produced by Ben A Wolfin and directed by Jack Benjamin Murphy (UK)

Sixteenth Week produced by Pooyan Sadeghi and directed by Hashem Jahromi (Iran)

Smoking produced by Alors on Tourne Asbl and directed by Luisa Gherdaoui (Belgium)

Soft Rain produced by Kelvin Chow and directed by Sacha Goedegebure (Singapore)

Sola produced by Victoria Elder and directed by Markus Madlangbayan (USA)

Spaceship produced by Roxanne Griffith and directed by Jorge G. Camarena (USA)

Stairs produced by James Shadid, Michael Lux, and Jeph Porter, and directed by Jeph Porter (USA)

Strands produced by Kevin O’Brien and Andy Kneis, and directed by Kevin O’Brien (USA)

Taming Kate produced by Patrick Koitzsch and Griffin Di Stefano, and directed by Maria Belafonte (USA)

Tango Through Life produced by Zsofia Opra-Szabo and Eva Colmers, and directed by Zsofia Opra-Szabo (Canada)

The Case produced by Tony D. Head, Eva Minemar, Delores Diaz, and Patrick B. Jenkins, and directed by Patrick House (USA)

The Dream produced and directed by Tamuna Shengelia (Georgia)

The Forgotten Flame produced and directed by Derek Lamoureux (Canada)

The Getaway produced and directed by Erin Enberg (USA)

The Homecoming of Princess produced by Ren Zheng and directed by Ziyuan Chen (USA)

The Interview produced by António Paula, Matilde Alexandre, and Ricardo Salgado, and directed by António Paula (Portugal)

The Meditater produced by Cassandra Pogensky and directed by Justin Giegerich (USA)

The Militiaman produced and directed by David Peter Hansen (USA)

The Owl produced by Sam Wong (Wong Man Tat) and Venus Kwan (Kwan Pui Yee), and directed by Sam Wong (Wong Man Tat) (Hong Kong)

The Plea produced by Michael David Charles Hicks, Colin James O’Gorman, and John Clark, and directed by Michael David Charles Hicks (USA)

The Royal Twenty Centers produced by Stéphane Auguste, Adrian Duvernois, and Juan Winzer Cañero, and directed by Stéphane Auguste and Adrian Duvernois (Canada)

The Secret Dimension produced by Feng Ming Wang and directed by Jia Cheng Wu (China)

The Stone produced by Wiola Łabędź, Ewa Puszczyńska, and Jerzy Kapuściński, and directed by Bartosz Kozera (Poland)

The Tailor produced and directed by Inbal Selah (Israel)

The Third Defector produced by Melissa Jo Peltier and directed by John Gray (USA)

The Vampires produced and directed by Daniele Marchioni (Italy)

The Yellow Wallpaper produced by Deana Taheri and J. Kiernan O’Brien, and directed by J. Kiernan O’Brien (USA)

They Prefer Richards produced by Alex Lugo, Selina Savage, Luis Paez, and Maximillian Rivera, and directed by Felipe Castilla (USA)

They Sense Your Fear produced and directed by Aramis Tatu (USA)

Tide produced and directed by Pedram Mehrkhah (Iran)

Timber produced and directed by Viktor Alsbjer (Sweden)

To Die Like A Peacock produced by Kalen Eriksson and directed by Xiaohan Ma (USA)

Triptych produced and directed by Robin Cantrell (USA)

Troubadours Célestes produced by Marion h Von Loewenstern and directed by Hervine De Boodt (France)

True Crime produced by Kai Brown and Kimberley Rizzo, and directed by Kai Brown (USA)

Twine produced and directed by Scott Bolger (USA)

Twisting Tiger produced by Amanda Tran and directed by Joseph Le (USA)

Two’s a Lesson produced by Lexee Gordoun and Federico Anderson, and directed by Joshua Urquhart (Australia)

Unattached produced by Lucie Baglio and directed by Fanny Texier (France)

Undone produced by Alastair Ramsden and directed by Pip Cowley (USA)

Unthinkable produced by Beth Taylor and Dave Taylor, and directed by Dave Taylor (USA)

Victims produced by Jingni Yu and directed by Yumeng Liu (China)

Wait for the Dog produced by Ian Rowe, Dillon Petrillo, and Brit Freece, and directed by Ian Rowe and Dillon Petrillo (USA)

Walk Alone produced by Damchoe Tsering and directed by Lamu Shangchoo (USA)

What Happened To Us produced and directed by Christine Stronegger (Norway)

When I Died produced and directed by Fredrik Lindton (Sweden)

When the Tide Rises produced by Sophie Wang and directed by Alex Jiang (China)

Wild is the Spring produced and directed by Adla Massoud (USA)

Yéyé produced by Roxanne Paisan and CEF Produccions, and directed by Roxanne Paisan (Spain)

Young Love In a Dirty Place produced by Helvijs Finkis and directed by Reinis Spaile (Latvia)

Your Guardian produced by Balsa Djogo and directed by Mimi Vlaovic (UK)

Zaghchi produced and directed by Sorosh Hosseinjani (Iran)

Zaroube produced by Mohammad Srour, Nadia Ahmad, Dima Al Ansari, and Dana Haidar Ahmad, and directed by Mohammad Al Khatib (Lebanon)

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