The Owl

The Owl

Understanding life, but resist the fate.

A solitary fortune teller in the jade market, cross path with an ordinary girl who wants to escape from the fetters of life.


Cheung Chi Sun is a fortune teller at the Jade Market. Sun lives a day to day life and on his own as he believes that is his fates. He hides nothing from his customers since everything is fixed by fate. From another side of the town, an ordinary girl crossed path with Sun’s lonely life. Gigi works along with her mother at the fruits market and although life kept beating her down, she never gives up. Gigi is fascinated by fortune telling and asked Sun to teach her, trying to get out from her fate, Sun agreed but only offered Gigi some lessons. After the 3 days, Sun pushed Gigi away from his life. The story follows Gigi’s journey to unravel Sun’s secret…

Directed by Sam Wong (Wong Man Tat) (Hong Kong)

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