Independent Shorts Awards

Review of “My Week With Maisy”

Mark Oxtoby, the director of ISA award-winning short film “David’s Here”, is back with the remarkable script “My Week With Maisy”, also a recipient of an ISA Platinum Award. A sensitive and touching writing piece in which Oxtoby turns a simple idea into something beautiful with the power to touch the viewer.

Review of “Futureworld”

The story of ISA award-winning “Futureworld” is definitely what makes this short film extraordinary and intelligent, but another significant strength of this movie is the animation itself.

Review of “God Came ‘Round”

Even though “God Came ‘Round” was based on the song and has the purpose of illustrating it, the image is so strong and carries such narrative that sometimes it even takes the spotlight from the song.

Review of “Pages 321”

In this short film, Anugat Raj does not seek originality but the ability to revisit and translate into cinematic language a central theme of the creative process, which is always a huge challenge.

Review of “Lazarus’ Resurrection​ Won’t Do Any Good”

ISA award-winning Clodoaldo Lino produces a statement, in the tradition of Sartre’s existentialism thought: the condemning of humankind to itself, the condemning of Man to an existence without God. And this is where the singularity of this film begins. A courageous work, because it is an unusual cinematic exercise, an excellent piece of filmmaking intended for demanding moviegoers who not only look for entertainment but also for the interpretation, and reconstruction, of reality the cinema can and should do.

anexperimentalviralvlog – the movie remix # !

“Anexperimentalviralvlog – the movie remix # ! “is a unique experimental short film, an artistic statement whose effects cause a sensation of dream logic, or perhaps even a nightmare, that makes the audience feel trapped inside someone’s head and emotions.
Directed by Vasco Diogo (Portugal)

La Noche

Edgardo Castro has an extraordinary and courageous approach to sexuality. “La Noche” stands out from other movies about the same topic by its faithful representation of life without worrying about shocking the audience with the explicit images.

All the Cities of the North

An example of the power of the visuals and a very poetic movie, not only because of its shot composition but also for the voiceover with texts and a Serbian poem, increasing the dramatic intensity.