Sandra's Sunday Best

Sandra’s Sunday Best

Sandra, the perfect image of the Lord, wakes up her son, John, to get dressed and ready for church. As he showers, she does his laundry. She enters his room with his folded clothes and begins to put them away. She starts with the sock drawer, and inside she finds a loaded revolver! She says nothing to John as they sit in church – he doesn’t know she found it. After church, Sandra psyches herself up to talk to John about the gun before getting into the car. When she sees John abandoned his church shoes for ratty sneakers, she furiously takes John to his father’s trailer home instead of talking about it. Sandra whips out the revolver and tosses it to the father, Mack – it belonged to him. Mack shows pure apathy towards the two. John is crushed and embarrassed. At home, John and Sandra argue. John accuses Sandra of abusive, dictatorial behavior. Sandra uses his deadbeat father as a weapon, and John submits. John sits alone in his room. He retrieves a shoebox from his closet full of his weed paraphernalia. He starts a joint and exhales into a tube full of dryer sheets. Sandra walks in unannounced. To John’s surprise, she says nothing of the weed. She apologizes to him. She shows that she has had a change of mindset due to his words. She grabs his joint and takes a hit. She blows through the dryer sheets and jokes that he needs to smoke outside like a normal kid – oh, and not to bring a fucking gun into the house.

Directed by Janssen Swent (USA)

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