Gold Awards: June 2022

Best Indie ShortEggs by Neel Menon (India)

Best Drama ShortOh, Little Spark! by Charlie Lyon Budden (UK)

Best Comedy Short: Unessential by Jacob Paul (USA)

Best Dark Comedy Short: Animal Appetites by Quentin Ferrant (Canada)

Best Sci-Fi ShortYorktown: A Time to Heal by Da Han (USA)

Best Experimental ShortUntitled by Lin Song (USA)

Best Student ShortPseudea by Ani Stein (USA)

Best Animation ShortLittle Hoo Hoo by Jiayao Yu (China)

Best Women ShortAs It Was by Kayla Avitabile (USA)

Best Microfilm: Rayleigh Scattering by Connor Carroll (USA)

Best Music VideoSkeletons by Sebastián Vargas Flor (Colombia)

Best Web Series/TV PilotHow Did We Get Here? by Matt Frierdich (USA)

Best Director (Female): Lin Song for Untitled (USA)

Best Director (Male): Jesse Leaman for Mad Martha (Australia)

Best Student Director (Female): Kayla Avitabile for As It Was (USA)

Best Student Director (Male): Charlie Lyon Budden for Oh, Little Spark! (UK)

Best First Time Director (Female): Zoë Marden for Becoming Creature (UK)

Best First Time Director (Male): Quentin Ferrant for Animal Appetites (Canada)

Best Actress: Jacquie DiTroia for Flesh Peddler (USA)

Best Actor: Chozy Aiyub for Conflict (USA)

Best Child/Young Actress: Kayden Brenna Tokarski for I Miss Her, Too (USA)

Best Acting Duo: Siena D’Addario and Annie Hoeg for K2 Tog (USA)

Best Ensemble Cast: Laura Denmar, Peter Hodgins, and Heidi Michelle Thomas for Animal Appetites (Canada)

Best Cinematography: Sawyer Holcomb for Hand that Feeds (USA)

Best Editing: Joe D. Norman for This Wall Must Come Down: The Annie Burns Hicks Story (USA)

Best Production Design: Nina Koyfman for Freaky (USA)

Best Visual FX: Roland Baron, Samuel Cockings, Henry Gibbens, Michael Struck, and Tobias Richter for Yorktown: A Time to Heal (USA)

Best Original Score: Celisse Tan for When You Leave (USA)

Best Original Story: Thomas Ryan RedCorn for Dead Bird Hearts (USA)

Best Short ScriptAllusion by Scott Hutz (USA)






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