Finalists: June 2022

365 by Paola Gómez (Dominican Republic)

402 (Road To The Riches) by Ishma Yusaf Vaelnti I (USA)

A Silent Call: Can Anyone Hear Me? by Ana A Prickett Braunstein (USA)

A View in Mind’s Eye by Varoujan Froundjian (USA)

Arizona Back Door Poker: Will and Jenna Shuffle Up and Deal by Joshua E Eisenberg (USA)

Darwin’s Duckling by Enrique Vazquez (USA)

Date in Time by Hariharasudhen Nagarajan (USA)

Deadbeat by Howard Campbell (USA)

Earth Girl by Dorian Matthew Kelley (USA)

Emotional Baggage by Yuen Wang (USA)

Evening Caller by Peter-William Jamieson (Australia)

Fact Checker by Marguerite Fair Kosciewicz (USA)

Following by Travis Manney (USA)

Happy Hour by Jonathan Ruggiero (USA)

In My Room by Isaac Cook Handelman (USA)

Island by Alejandro Huerta (USA)

Jazz for Breakfast by Cathie Boruch (USA)

Keys To A Happy Marriage by Anthony Ellington and Lonny Marshall (USA)

Kibbutz by Oscar Pavlove (USA)

Lazarus by Jonathan Nguyen (USA)

Lock by Han Gao and Ruijin Xu (China)

Meta: Hawaii by Jonas Ernst Benedict Weitzel and Freedom Kaipua Tehani Yod Weitzel (USA)

Of Choice by Cassandra Hsiao (USA)

One More Take by Dan Bazan (USA)

Ransom by Cihan Ren, Haoran Gao, and Haozhe Liu (China)

Remedies for the Soul by Zoe Jean Crapsi (USA)

Ship of Theseus by Yiqing Gu (China)

Situations and Circumstances by Joshua Kaufman (USA)

Song For Silas by Sie Khalil (USA)

Sticky by Victor Pigasse (USA)

Sub-Relief by Bamdad Pashoutan (Iran)

Subverted Expectations by Samantha A Schacht (USA)

Summa Culpa Laude by Echo Nguyen (USA)

The Day After by Feng Nanxiang (China)

The Magic of Miguel! by Elizabeth Camilla Marie Flores (USA)

The Many Benefits of Heartbreak by Luke Schroeder (USA)

The Monologue Project by Joshua Nelson (USA)

The Spiders in my Backyard by Maggi Hel (Iceland)

The Tryout by Michael Jonathan Gellis (USA)

Through The Eyes of an Environmental Enthusiast by Nicole Anne Matheson (USA)

Tik Tok Murder Mystery by Teddy Moreno (USA)

Trapped by Alam Virk (USA)






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