Finalists: November 2020

/ˈlo͞o * sid/ by Terence T Brown (USA)

A Florida Story by Caleb Scott and Jessica Farr (USA)

A Question of Protein by Joe Ferry (USA)

A Walk in the Forest by Johanne Chagnon (Canada)

Absinthe by Scott Payne (UK)

Action, Reaction, Action: An Obscure Question With Ian MacKaye by Evan Frew (USA)

Alaska Long Hunters by Mark D. Rose (USA)

Alone by Julian Karian (USA)

Alternative Treatment by Rachelle Menshikova (Israel)

Andre Cahoun: Short Term by Andre Cahoun (Canada)

Ascension To Love by AnayaMusic (Brazil)

Authentic by Craig DeLuz and David DeLuz (USA)

Behind the Mask by Cathie Boruch (USA)

Birthday Girl by Zachary E Zebrowitz (USA)

Blue Girl by Kabir McNeely (USA)

Bootstraps by C. Kemal Nance (USA)

Box by Alan Emery and Paul Tobia (UK)

Center for Miracles by Emily Goldberg and Ashton Word (USA)

Cleansing by Lauren Vroegindewey (USA)

Confidant by Debra Markowitz (USA)

Continue by Ria Kyriacou (UK)

Covid-19 Prevention Featuring Bambooni’s by Charlie Hargett (USA)

Crab Babel by Zou Xiaoyong (China)

Distress by Sumin Kim (South Korea)

Dweller by Tyris Lemon (USA)

Eridiati – Different Type of Vampire by Charli Brown (USA)

Everything But Love by Gibb (USA)

Facetime With The Rickenbakker Family by Thomas J Connelly (USA)

Falafel Sundays by Fahim Arif and Pracheta Ahana (Bangladesh)

Falling by Yitong Qian (USA)

Father by Vincent Ge (USA)

Fiasco by Michael Traverzo (USA)

Genesis by Maria Luísa Cotta (Brazil)

Get A Job Ya Bum by Stephen Bowker (Australia)

Harmonia Solid by Jake Hart (USA)

He Runs by Greg Roensch (USA)

Heathcliff by Garth Stainforth (UK)

High Stakes by Annette Bonner (USA)

Home Video by Kahlveen (India)

I Am A Black Woman by Thomas R Carter (USA)

I Got You King by Daniel Fitch and Ron Emile (USA)

I Had an Affair, or Did I? by Francesco Nuzzi (USA)

In Plane English by Brian Plonka (USA)

Invisible Outcomes by Nando Romeo (Italy)

Just Across the Table by Nicholas Tell (USA)

Kitty: The Curse by Maggi (Iceland)

Last Embrace by Drew Garcia and Nate Garcia (USA)

Leopard Society by Brian Perniciaro (USA)

Life After Oblivion by Floyd Strayer (USA)

Life After Oblivion by Tommy Anderson (USA)

Livelihood by Zac Strevens (Canada)

Lord of Meme City by Luke Martin (USA)

Loyalty by Michael Hugh (USA)

Me, Myself & I by Katy Jordan (UK)

Meeting Savage Republic by Anne Aaronson (USA)

Misha by Victor Sumenkov (Hope) (Russia)

On My Way by Andrea Lopez and Elena Viloria (USA)

Paramnesia by Dan Couri (USA)

Put Your F–king Phone Down by Jordan Rockwell (USA)

Race by Manahar Kumar (USA)

Reflections by Paul Galle (Canada)

Severed Ties by Frank Mancuso (USA)

Shattered Pieces by D’Adonis Moquette (USA)

Shut Up and Box by Leonard J. Moore II and Eric Campbell (USA)

Tar by Fernando Gómez (USA)

The Adventures of Kehaulani by A. Buchanan (USA)

The Devil, The Killer, The Keyboard by Jackie Chang (USA)

The Good Candidate by 5Doc Productions (USA)

The Haunted Hard Drive by Chandler Pippin (USA)

The Holdback by Joey Krulock (USA)

The Last House on Raven Road by Eddie Edgel (USA)

The Magician’s Assistant by Caledonia Hanson (USA)

The Mentor by Andrew C. Ramirez (USA)

The Naive Boy Who Thought It Was a Circus Night, And If It Was, But Not As He Imagined It. by Victor Del Volkov (Mexico)

The Outskirts by Julia Pawlikowska (UK)

The Road to Hell by John Wallage (UK)

The Sexy Six: A Story of Lifelong Friendship by Kathy Drasky (USA)

The Showdown by Alex Zea (USA)

The Snakehouse by Chloe Choy (Hong Kong)

The Thrill by Jaison Sydney Blackwater (USA)

Through Their Eyes by Maria Rotger (Spain)

Thuggin’ A New Generation by Downy Doxey-Marshall (USA)

To Be Saved by Brent Harvey (USA)

True America by Dashia Imperiale (USA)

Vegan Apples by Mike Vezza (USA)

With Me? by Nick Muhlbach (USA)

Xander Sun: Queen Protector of the DiVerse by Harold L. Brown (Canada)

You’re Gorgeous, I Love Your Shirt: An Inside Look at Bullying and Mental Health by Tricia Brouk (USA)






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