Finalists: February 2021

A Nice Chat With Grandma by John Schugard (USA)

Al Manaih by Mohammad Khabour (Jordan)

An Appointment in the Land of Manna by Alex Rowan Cattell (USA)

Bad Dog by Miguel Maldonado-Velasco III (USA)

Bear Bey: A Solo Horror Short in Six Props by Heidi E Appe (USA)

Bury The Truth by Arman Taheri (USA)

Cherry-Bunny by Sumin Kim (South Korea)

Cracks in the Coast by Mary Piller (USA)

Dare To Love by Chundria Brownlow (USA)

Dreamy Girl by Mohammad Montaser Dawood (Jordan)

George Floyd: Say Their Names by Christopher R. Owens and Alyssa Dann (USA)

Happy Prank Day by Kurk Kasparian (USA)

I Could Uke All Week With You by Elizabeth Usher and Ben Chai (Australia)

In Love with Craziness (Forelska i Galskap) by Melanie Ekholdt (Norway)

Italy In Bocca by Roberto Serrini (USA)

Last Trance by John Kestner (USA)

Left Out by Chris Warner (USA)

Letting Go by Gareth Rockliffe (USA)

Nero by Eduardo Flores (Mexico)

Outsideness by Bryce Cristiano and Yanqi Zhang (China)

PlayTiger by Maria Loewenstein (USA)

Pray for our Planet by Robert Reed Altman (USA)

Roach by Connor Haddad (USA)

Short Form by Will Kindrachuk (USA)

Sonic Conspiracies by Matthew Dickinson (USA)

Sunflower by Hye Young Ra (USA)

Superhuman by Michael Jenner, Mathias Jener, and Lisa Brandt (Germany)

The Funeral Singer by Manjula Varghese (USA)

The Interview from Hell by Frank A DeChirico (USA)

The Last Descendant of The Emperor by Liu Tianhao (China)

The Life of Robert Daly by Fidelus Singleton (USA)

The Longest Night by Tyler Callahan (USA)

The Mailman by Matt Hourigan (USA)

The Nothing by Mel Pellicano (USA)

The Operator by Pamela Perry Goulardt (USA)

The Palace by Jo Prichard (UK)

Thick and Thin by Michelle Lewis (USA)

Turbulence by Nath Milburn (USA)

Un Hombre Debe Aprender (A Man Must Learn) by Jeff Bomberger (USA)

V & F by Michelle R Arthur (USA)






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