Independent Shorts Awards


Siblings Nick and Zack are reunited at their father’s funeral. In a heated moment alone, truths of the past are exposed. Will these truths save their relationship or end it forever?
Directed by Michael J Claman (USA)

Two Introverts

These two introverts don’t get out much, but when they meet at a house party, they find that for once they can be themselves. Lies and all.
Directed by Daniel Galuppo (USA)

Beyond the Green Mountain

One summer, in a little fishing village in China, teenage boy Leaf’s quiet life is interrupted by the return of childhood friend Qing Chen. Youth, friendship, and love blossom in the summer breeze.
Directed by Meicen Meng (China)


Fighting cancer, Adam is the last heir to “Olhouser” House. Dying to live, he uncovers a conspiracy to kill him, discovering who’s really pulling the strings.
Directed by Matt Fletcher (UK)

The David

A young man being recruited by a white supremacist group has a transformative experience when he spends the day with his mother’s new boyfriend – who turns out to be a former Israeli ex-military paratrooper.
Directed by Jan Bauer (USA)

Amazing Racers

Racers overcome tremendous odds to succeed in a high stakes sport. They are exceptional leaders who embody teamwork. Their profession demands it. None of this is lost on kids. Racers Who Care provides children all over the world with access to these extraordinary men and women in order to ask questions and hear their stories. These elite individuals energize basic steps to reach goals by walking kids through a roadmap to achieve them. It is personal, it is motivating, and it is life changing for young people. This short documentary film introduces us to some of the “Amazing Racers” from Racers Who Care.
Directed by Susan Colleen Snell (USA)


She’s an actress, she’s a sex symbol, she’s a superstar, she’s my mother. Sandie “The Goddess Bunny” Crisp is the last truly glamorous star left in Hollywood…

Born in Santa Monica, CA, stricken with polio, the transgender cult diva is a she-devil on six wheels. She’s a ballerina with a perfect pirouette and it wouldn’t be hard to find her in a gold lamé dress belting love ballads to garbage men or liquor store clerks.

This is my love letter to her. I love you, mom.
Directed by Hunter Ray Barker and Tucker Tripp (USA)


A routine “Pick Me Up” ride takes a sharp turn for the worse after the driver is reminded of a troubled past.
Directed by Britt Banks (USA)

The Quickening

“The Quickening” is a visual album spoken-word journey from the bottom of the sea all the way to the Pleiades Star Cluster. Featuring the poetry and performance of award-winning multi-hyphenate artist Rachel Kann, this is more than a film, it’s a ceremony.
Directed by Brad Cooper (USA)

The Family, Your Choice

Emma and Oscar’s story is united to their best friends’ one. They share, with Eva, Diego and the connected girlfriends, happy moments, disappointments and successes. A choice will upset this enlarged family’s “routine”.
Directed by Andrea Vaccarelli (Italy)