Independent Shorts Awards


When a love-struck, teenage girl seeks advice from an unsuspecting teenage boy, anything can happen.
Directed by Nathan Moore and Tammy Ledford (USA)

For Summer

“For Summer” is a haunting short horror film exploring a couple’s broken relationship in the aftermath of grief, and the terrifying results.
Directed by Jessie Kirby (UK)


Deep in the mountains, a woman-beast is awakened by her desire to find love when a handsome young hiker separates from his group of friends and stumbles upon her secret community.
Directed by Valerie Shyokina (USA)

Boob Sweat

In the summer of 1976, Francis and her two best friends make a creative yet misguided plan to kiss the coolest boys in the seventh grade and are forced to embrace their pubescent awkwardness along the way.
Directed by Charlotte Guerry (USA)

Save My Soul

“Save My Soul” is the third single music video from Cliff Beach’s The Gospel According to Cliff Beach. It is an art piece shedding a light on the homelessness and veteran’s issues in LA.
Directed by Brian Sturges (USA)

Italian Pizza Masters

Pizza was born in Naples, Italy… 500 years ago when some unsung genius decided to put tomato sauce on a piece of focaccia bread. That simple idea created one of the most popular foods anywhere on earth. People come to Italy from all over the world to eat the legendary pizza Margherita and Pizza Marinara… Made by craftsmen who stay true to centuries-old traditional methods.
But that’s the past. This is the future…
Directed by James Orr (USA)

Beloved Stranger

“Beloved Stranger” narrates the story of an underground boxer that is blinded by ambition, and whose obsession ends up challenging his relationship and marking his own destiny.
Directed by Marco Gasser and Fabio Gasser (Spain)

Miss Represent

Meet “Kim” (Michaele Nicole). Kim is a woman in her mid 30s who is insanely popular on social media. Selfies are LIFE to her, as is wearing scantily clad outfits to ensure that ALL the men love her, and ALL the women want to be her. If you clicked on her social media profile, you’d think that she has the absolute perfect life. Every single picture she posts is perfect. Every location she posts them from is perfect. Every status update gets thousands of “likes”. You get the picture. She is caught up on social media. The only problem is that most other aspects of her life are empty. She is jobless, homeless, and not as confident. The guy (“Lee” played by Demetrius Lovejoy) who she’s really interested in isn’t at all wrapped up in this online persona.

“Miss Represent” takes the ever familiar social media world and cleverly presents it to viewers in a fashion that is rarely seen on film by taking a social media platform from the internet and turning it into an actual place…a woman’s living room! Every person represents a reaction (like, love, haha, angry, sad, and wow). This is a story about how being yourself is always better than “misrepresenting” yourself to the world of social media.
Directed by Ken Lewis (USA)

A Story Of Regret

A filmmaker finds a truth in life in the making of an intimate documentary about his grandparents past, along with his own. It’s a bold and experimental documentary that focuses on provoking specific feelings from the viewer, instead of the facts and stats of a traditional.
Directed by Colin Wang (USA)

Notes From Melanie

A screenwriter known for ripoff “mockbusters” asks his successful former colleague for feedback on his first serious script.
Directed by Chris Stuckmann (USA)