Another Dead Sailor

Another Dead Sailor

A modern fable about a sceptical young Smoker who has been sat in a busy pub listening to his drunk Conspiracy Theorist friend’s countless outlandish beliefs.

One of which is the ancient maritime myth that “if you light a cigarette with a candle, an innocent sailor dies at sea”. The young smoker grows weary of the bullshit, so makes an excuse to smoke a cigarette outside. But forgetting his lighter, he uses one of the pub’s candles…

Returning from his cigarette break, the film takes a surreal turn. He finds the pub eerily empty, apart from a menacing 1920’s sailor sitting by the fire. After not believing the mythical stories of his friend, the Smoker appears to have walked right into one. The fierce Sailor breaks down in tears, recounting the tragic deaths of his sailor family due to people casually lighting cigs with candles.

Eventually, the emotional Sailor walks out into the mythical blue fog as our sceptical Smoker is left wrought with confusion, not knowing what to believe anymore. The Smoker pensively weighs up whether to light one more cig with a candle… to test the sailor’s theory and his own belief system.

Directed by Jack Lennard Willoughby (UK)

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