Independent Shorts Awards

Burying Mitchell

Two women meet at the funeral of their ex-husband. In order to collect a $1 million life insurance policy, they must bury him by hand.
Directed by Sam Williamson (USA)

Prelude Fantasia

Before the Fantasy. The story of a struggling musician preparing for their graduate school audition.
Directed by Christopher Ryan Sinn (USA)

The Topaz Troop

Troop leader Jane, and her ambitious pup, Coco, have planned an adventurous camping trip for The Topaz Troop. After the weather ruins their plan, Jane discovers that Coco is afraid of thunderstorms and Claire, one of the scout members, is afraid of the dark. The Topaz Troop must work together to help Claire and Coco think of unique ways to face their fears, while putting a positive spin on a rainy day.
Directed by Tori Ewing (USA)


Interpretive dance performers and industry experts share their stories of a legendary figure named Victor who is hailed as the World’s Greatest Dancer.
Directed by James Zeiss (USA)

Chatter Box: Cornhusker Hero

Bob Chatt grew up in Northeast Nebraska in the 1920s. After college, a recommendation by his uncle put the wheels of fate in motion. He would meet the fight of his life in the South Pacific in the form of a 1500 ton Japanese Destroyer named “Rough Tide” behind the controls of a B-25 bomber that he nicknamed, “Chatter Box”.
Directed by Donald Dodge (USA)

Husband Approved

Trudy Macloo is the Queen of Sweets, the outdated host of the show “Husband Approved”, where her husband is the sole judge. All things go sideways when Derek Troppo, a hot internet sensation enters the show and defies Trudy’s ways.
Directed by Max Gleiser (USA)


Follow characters, who are all connected to each other in some way, as they portray their best selves on social media while reality is catching up to them.
Created by Mariya Ranieli (USA)