Independent Shorts Awards


A young woman is forced to reunite with the father she has had no contact with for over 10 years.
Directed by Stephen Gates (UK)


Marc lost everything.
Without any solution to fill the financial bankruptcy that led to the loss of his relationship, he decided to join a band of outlaws to make a robbery.
Directed by Arnaud Mizzon (France)


“Crush” is a psychological thriller that centers on a writer named Greyson Michelson who is trying to move forward from her past suicide attempt. When the Suicide Survivors Association reaches out to Greyson to ask her to write a speech about her past struggles, Greyson uses the opportunity to try to move beyond what happened. However, while doing so, she begins to be tormented by her mental illness. As Greyson becomes consumed by her writing, she discovers a new, darker side to her girlfriend and, ultimately, herself.
Directed by Heather Harris (USA)

Back Track

A 7-minute 3D-remix of feature films from the 1950s and 60s which were projected on glass and rephotographed in stereoscopic 3D with a photo camera.
Directed by Virgil Widrich (Austria)

Lunchtime is Over

An office rivalry as old as time comes to an enthusiastic head when middle management decides that the men in the warehouse need to get back to work.
Directed by Bruce Nachsin (USA)


A vampire seeking to end his curse faces the consequences of his bloody past while his victim’s life hangs in the balance.
Written by Adam Lapallo (USA)

A Family Barbecue

An African American family reunites for its annual barbecue get together where one of the youngsters introduces his new girlfriend from South Korea which results in a funny cultural and social clash.
Directed by Freddie Basnight (USA)

An Aspirational Space

After her relationship abruptly ends, a woman isolates herself in a new apartment and attempts to rebuild her life. Her sister recommends a pop-wellness, self-help guide that focuses on organizing, tidying, and simplifying life, written by an artist-turned-newsletter writer-turned influencer. As she falls deeper into the world of the book, the woman finally feels in control of her life for the first time in years – but nothing can stop her as she attempts to obtain, and maintain, An Aspirational Space.
Directed by GG Hawkins (USA)

A Five Rupees Smile

Do you really believe that you can buy a smile in 5 rupees? Is it worth to buy a smile which defines the status of our life, which conveys the essence of our reality? A lot of people outside are searching for this smile which can change their moments, days or maybe a year too. Are not we enough capable to gift a smile to one who is ready to buy it? We don’t treat poor people as our fellow mates. Time has come for us to think twice. The film is about poor street children and social awareness.
Directed by Kushal Dasgupta (India)


A girl is dead. And she’s just the first.
Julia is a pretty typical teen, except that a deadbeat drunk for a father and the murder of her best friend have made her fearless and brave beyond her years. When Julia and her friends secretly visit the abandoned “Tillie” mural at the old Palace Amusements, they seem to unsettle something. Then, as they spend the day at the local carnival, Julia’s friends start to go missing. Julia will have to get to the bottom of the disappearances, or – who knows? – she may be next.
Directed by Olivia Anton (USA)