Independent Shorts Awards


David Larino hasn’t had a successful acting job since his hit sit-com “Average Alien” 20 years ago. What lengths will he go to get himself back into the industry and be a star again?
Directed by Thomas Baldinger and Lenny Venito (USA)

Off to Care

The last goodbye between an old man and his wife who’s late in the stages of Dementia, before the old man sends his wife to old people’s home.
Directed by Wendi Sun (USA)


D Train

Alberto a musician who visits the City of New York meets Lucinda on the subway. They sympathized and she gives him her contact number. He forgets the last digit and creates several combination to find her.
Directed by Yudelka Heyer (USA)


Everyone experiences trauma differently, members of TBMA recount their grotesque memories of going number two.
Directed by Nicholas Kennedy and Maddie Goldberg (USA)

Zero Time

Taxi driver Li was polite and considerate to every passenger. On a late-night pickup, he chatted with a young bus girl and revealed his family status. His wife’s deceased and daughter was ill in bed. When the passenger heard the situation, he did not hesitate to help. After getting off the bus, the driver Li came to the grocery store with money. The story alludes to the greedy side of human nature through several turns, but all of these behaviors are traceable, and people are just small roles who constantly compromise for the sake of life.
Directed by Jingni Yu (China)

Colors of Resistance

“Colors of Resistance” is a personal journey that questions the concept of belonging to a place that is struggling to survive, inside and outside its own borders. A painter, a comedian, a poet, a hip-hop artist and a soul singer have figured out ways to solidify their belonging to Palestine – the very place that is being deprived of its own right to exist. Regardless of their generation, gender or profession, these artists have used their various voices to challenge the annihilation of their identity.
Directed by Areeb Zuaiter (USA)


Jed is just getting over his seven year relationship with Maisie. Then she gets into the Uber he drives. He is over nothing.
Directed by Juliet Johnson and Venita Ozols-Graham (USA)