Independent Shorts Awards

The Rise

Committed to malignancy survivors, this story starts with a canine (Bruno) trusting that his master will return home. Sarah was determined to have malignant growth and facing her conflict, she at long last successes to get another leash of life. She returns from the hospital. Sarah has a little family which includes Sanchez (the overseer) and the canine to consider her own. While the young lady touches base at home, the Golden Retriever welcomes her with a blossom. The canine gradually and relentlessly pushes her to get onto her feet and recoup totally. The young lady while on bed thinks back about her darling and those delightful minutes went through with him, until he passed away all of a sudden in a car crash while voyaging abroad for work. Following a year the young lady is seen all fit and fine when all of a sudden one day Bruno spews blood and passed away. During the internment of Bruno, the young lady asks Sanchez to let her be alone for at sometime. While Sarah supposes she is separated from everyone else, both the spirits of the lover and the canine were behind her demonstrating the solidarity that she isn’t alone. Loved ones may leave however love never leaves.
Directed by Abhijit Adhya (India)

Beautifully Invisible

A man and woman cross paths everyday never noticing each other from being on their phones. One day when the man looks up he sees her and has to decide if he wants to fight for her attention or give up.
Directed by Alyssa Wiesen (USA)


One brave soul must decide whether or not she wants to risk other’s lives or her own in order to try and stop a necrophile police officer from using his job for the wrong reasons.
Directed by Alyssa Wiesen (USA)

The Seat

An old school building in the forest. 
Nobody knows where it’s in right and when it is. 
There was a woman who just has being read through post cards. 
She has set up red chairs behind a red curtain in the classroom. 
And then, other women who wrote the postcards appeared suddenly in the moment those chairs were perfectly prepared. 
They just want last one seat. 
It is time the game gets started.
Directed by Tomoh Ueda and Fusae Nakamura (Japan)

A Million Times Before

Thomas and Casey seem to be reaching the end of the road, but they’ve got a few things to talk over first… for the millionth time…
Directed by Barrett Edmonds (USA)

The Joe Prick Show

The Prick, being the Prick is constantly swimming in a cess pool of mischievous trouble. Between his weekly trip to the probation office and an endless supply of political/socialistic dogma to feed from…The Story never Ends!
Directed by Joe Prick (Canada)

Milk Tea

“Milk Tea” is a drama set in Taiwan about an 11-year-old girl, HSUAN, who is suffocated by her dysfunctional family and decides to lighten the mood at home. However, this only causes her dad to lose control and things get out of hand. Ultimately, Hsuan realizes she can’t fix her family but at least she and her brother have each other.
Directed by Chien-Ni Yang (Taiwan)

2 Below 0

Frostbitten and love smitten! It’s the bitterly cold Winter of 1979 as Rusty types away in his trailer. His fiancé had just left him at the alter and in response, Rusty uproots himself from Minnesota and relocates to the middle of nowhere. He’s not completely alone for Alice, whom he refuses to accept has left his side, stands nearby in the form of a mannequin. Rusty’s new utopia is disturbed by Babs, Ruth-Ann & Fran; three local bullies who developed a jealous streak towards Alice. Their reconnaissance mission begins & the snowballs fly as the temperature plummets “2 Below 0”!
Directed by Tim Cash (USA)


A lady of substance dashes from a New York City subway when a young man with a questionable objective follows her only to endure a frantic chase and a physical beating, all for a very good reason.
Written by Bill Sheehan (USA)