Independent Shorts Awards


“Burnout” follows two boys, Mitch Novak and Jonah Vance. In their first year of high school the boys get a tarot reading that’s strangely predictive of their futures. Five years later, Mitch is on his way to becoming the baseball player he’s always wanted to be, but his insecurities are worse than ever- and having a father who manages the Red Sox makes things only harder. Jonah’s offered a meeting with a major record company, the big break he’s always hoped for, but he’s not as ready as he thought he’d be.
Directed by Brielle Cruz (USA)


“Herrings” is a dramatic web series about Frank Briggs, a former skip tracer who helps people disappear in plain sight by disguising their digital footprint. However, in Season Two, it’s Frank Briggs who’s disappeared and his unexpected absence will reverberate with our ensemble of characters as they intersect and overlap within the mosaic of Philadelphia.
Directed by Keith Chamberlain (USA)

The Alchemist

Alchemist tries to create the Philosopher’s Stone, a substance that turns any object into gold.
Directed by Magdalena Wodzisz (Ireland)

To You Whom I Love

Marcel is a world renowned fashion model who has recently become overshadowed by Finnlay, an up and coming star. Marcel’s uncontrollable jealousy causes a fight over his rightful place on the runway.
Directed by Steven Aripez (USA)

The Assistant

Social media influencer CaliCalvin has an assistant, Derek. Being Cali Calvin’s assistant is tough, he is more insufferable than his name. Can Derek tolerate being Cali Calvin’s assistant?
Directed by Peter Calvin (USA)

The Shed

A grieving woman’s attachment to a mysterious child threatens her marriage and her sanity.
Written by Rachel Thomas-Medwid (USA)

Bad Karma

Emina is a war crimes victim who is having trouble accepting her horrific past. In her desperation, she seeks the counsel of Starchild who is all too happy to put her suffering into cosmic perspective.
Written by Caleb Parazette and Jarret Rosenblatt (USA)


Jenni is a young, beautiful Latina who loves her friends and family. When she learns that her best friend is planning to have an abortion, she is devastated and does not understand why any mother would do that to her child. Jenni has a close relationship with her own mother and even gives her a special friendship necklace on her 40th birthday. However, Jenni discovers a secret about her mother that threatens to destroy the love they share.
Directed by Ray R Hungria (USA)