Independent Shorts Awards

Don’t Mess with Lucy

Young Lucy always enjoyed family time with her mother Anna and older sister Meghan after her parents split up and her father relocated to Australia. When they both acquire new boyfriends, Lucy is having none of it and along with her trusty best friend Charlie, she plots to jeopardize both relationships.
Directed by Malcolm Holt (UK)


“Miazmat” is an attempt to reverse engineer the vision that drove S.I. Witkiewicz to create his 1922 painting composition.
Directed by Klaudiusz Wesołowski (Poland)

My Faith Story

A dialogue between reality, faith, biography, family and fantastic. In memory of the grandfather, Ghiță Vidu from Socolari. A very personal story about faith.
Directed by Carmen Lidia Vidu (Romania)


“Beautiful” is a short film, that brings to life the poetry of Black Transgender, civil rights activist Pauli Murray. This film pays homage to her tireless struggles for women’s rights and her driving need for change, equality and the right to express our sexuality.
Directed by Emma Frayne-Ford (UK)


In the aftermath of a brutal conflict, a militia-woman Abbie awakes to a haunting new reality. Can she face the loss of her innocence to survive?
Directed by Keith Wilhelm Kopp (UK)

Lakefill and Chill

Netflix and Chill means to invite someone over to watch Netflix in the hopes of hooking up. In this video, our lead singer is a Northwestern student, and he’ll stop at nothing to hook up with his dream girl at Northwestern’s famous lakefill.
Directed by Alex Fecteau (USA)

Sailing Savior

30-year-old Alex Malone is smart, funny and the party girl amongst her friends. When they start to settle down around her she begins to feel like the third wheel and decides to get away. One night while on the internet while intoxicated she accidentally books a gospel cruise and doesn’t realize it till the boat sets sail. On this spiritual retreat, she will learn a lot about herself and discover a few new friends along the way. They say “What God has for you is for you”.
Directed by Kathryn L. Scurry (USA)

Sunflower Soup

“Sunflower Soup” follows a relapsed alcoholic in a post-pandemic world as he experiences the visions of his late wife and daughter and attempts to pave a lifestyle with whatever seems to be left.
Directed by Marissa A. Martinez (USA)

Pacific Garbage Patch Pup

Critically-endangered Hawaiian monk seal pup “playing” with marine debris on Midway Atoll, Northwestern Hawaiian Islands, part of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.
Directed by Mary Piller (USA)