Independent Shorts Awards

Bitches that Bake

Meet Karen Bonita Gahleeni a.k.a. Sue, your Bitches that Bake hostess of the first and only NON-instructional baking show where bitches get to bitch BIG, and if there’s time, we Bake Big.

“Sue” will guide you to live your life wholly as you embrace your full-on “bitch in the kitch.” Listen as this lovable “bitch” offers some bonafide bitch centered rebuttals for all “her gal pals” who need an unbridled, no-beatin’-around-the-mulberry-bush home base to address the every day doozies that cannot and should not be muted.
Directed by Madeline Stephenson (USA)

Soliloquy or The Goose

In this absurdist animated film set in plague-ridden 1310 AD, a medieval tax-collector gets into whacky hijinks, beats up an old lady, and contemplates the fragile nature of his moral existence. 
Made entirely by one high schooler in his garage.
Directed by Kainoa Jung Ruivivar (USA)


In this film, Rebecca Stern reads a letter to her mom and talks about a special memory they shared.
Directed by Rebecca Stern (USA)


On his journey to find inner peace, Mango the red panda gets lost in the forest and falls victim to a mischievous spirit who plays tricks on him along the way.
Directed by Talin Tanielian (USA)

Harmonica Man

A homeless harmonica player teams up with a dancing runaway girl with hopes of finding success despite their impossible situation.
Directed by Ty Sheetz (USA)

Cat’s Home

Rina visits her ex-boyfriend, Hiroshi, at his apartment, where they lived together until recently. When they broke up, they once decided Hiroshi would take their cat, Eve. But now, Rina is to take the cat because Hiroshi says he has become allergic to cats. 
At one point, Eve runs away from the apartment, so now they must find the cat…. 
It’s a story of one day when a girl learns to grow to become a woman. 
Directed by Shinobu Imao (Japan)

In an Empty Wood

This is a poetic animation film on the jealousy of seeing someone succeed in a path you once considered.
Directed by Chia-Hsin Lee (USA)


Two people, a boy and a girl on a train. They don’t know each other. Both on their way to tie up loose ends. Is there a place they are running to or is it something that they’re running from? After they meet their lives will never be the same again.
Directed by Jan Pool (Netherlands)

La Vie en Vrai

A young woman tries to navigate between her online and offline personalities in this observational documentary about life in the digital age.
Directed by Maggie Clark (UK)