Independent Shorts Awards

She Wishes for the Cloths of Heaven

A lyrical film-poem exploring the pull between self-sacrifice and self-fulfillment. When we have obligations to those we love, how hard is it to follow our dreams?
Based on ‘He Wishes for the Cloths of Heaven’ by W. B. Yeats, the film uses 8mm documentary and home-movie footage to explore the different stages of women’s lives and the pull between obligation and desire.
Directed by Jessica Bradford (Canada)

Hua-Yu Walker

“Sir, why keep changing our advisor?” 
Looking at the tender with a puzzled face, he thought: “Yes! there should be somebody to be their advisor throughout their elementary education.” Since then, he never left the westmost island of Taiwan, and, warmly and firmly, has guarded each child on the island for more than thirty years. 
He is teacher Kuo-Yang Huang, the Hua-Yu Walker comes from Taiwan.
Directed by Tsai Tsai (Taiwan)

Birds Without Feet

The documentary ‘Birds Without Feet’ set to explore the life of a less noticeable group of Londoners, people working and living in Chinatown. Specifically, how our protagonist, a chef in Chinatown, felt about staying in Britain for a significant part of his life as an immigrant, as well as his early life story and view towards the family. His own interpretation of his life, a bird without feet forever flying and searching for somewhere that gives a sense of belonging, also reflects the life of others in Chinatown.
Directed by Liz Ji (UK)

Line of Fire

Based on true events, “Line of Fire” is a thrilling short drama about the consequences of privilege and power after an online disagreement about video games, turns into a violent confrontation.
Directed by Mike Johnston (Canada)


‘Cancelled’ is a mockumentary featuring an avid consumer and advocate of Bose noise cancelling headphones. Rosie, the protagonist, discovers ways in which she can silence or “cancel” disturbing, challenging or uncomfortable parts of social interaction, public navigation, and even internal conflict. The dystopian result of this is comedic and horrifying. ‘Cancelled’ conveys the absurd tragedy of Rosie’s personal story — an experience which acts as a microcosm of the deadly and cosmic effects that the celebration of ‘cancelling’ has on millennials in American society.
Directed by Natalie Silver (USA)


“Lucky” is a pilot/short film about an average Joe who wins the lottery and what he and his friends will do now that they’re filthy rich. It’s an everyday man’s Entourage.
Directed by Riley Wood (USA)