Independent Shorts Awards

A Perfect Day

Mansi is a housewife who lives with her husband, kids, and father-in-law happily.

One fine morning, she receives a phone call from an unknown number, she has no idea that this phone call will change her life completely. The time will challenge her to fight for her own rights. 
Directed by Archana Dua (Thailand)


An old school detective hunts for clues in search of a missing jewel.
Directed by Samuel Go (USA)

A Rent in the Veil

“A Rent in the Veil” is a meditation on the elasticity of time, the mystery of an unfolding cosmos, and the endurance of wonder. From the mesmerizing drift of millennia found in Herzog’s caves, to the slow-motion transformations witnessed in Viola’s video art, A Rent in the Veil references an aesthetic that is more about contemplative introspection than any particular formal trope. The absence of tracking shots and close-up portraiture is reminiscent of Benning’s Small Roads, even as the animated text and soundtrack that weave through black and white imagery evoke passages that conjure the fledgling years of cinema.
Directed by Andrew Beckham (USA)

Listen, Lana

A young man simultaneously faces his fear of needles and his fear of telling his best friend how he truly feels about her.
Directed by Anthony Nelson (USA)

Aimone’s Dream: A story of Talent and Tenacity

The (true) story of a child’s dream that kicked a ball in the market square of Trastevere in San Cosimato. A promising young footballer who was in danger of getting lost, finds the high road in the most unexpected place, a neighborhood and a football team removed from organized crime. 
The journalist Daniele Piervincenzi, engaged in reports and surveys on organized crime, conceives and realizes on behalf of the Public Assistance and Charitable Institution “Asilo Savoia” his first short film telling how sport can be decisive in the change of a boy and a child neighborhood of the Roman suburbs, Montespaccato. 
Starting from “Talento & Tenacia” the social inclusion program through the promotion of sports promoted by the Asilo Savoia, an ancient welfare institution founded in Rome in 1887, Piervincenzi describes, through the personal and sports history of a boy who grew up in Trastevere, Aimone Calì, the path of redemption and rebirth of an entire village suffocated by the malfeasance of a family clan through its local soccer team, also seized by the clan. 
The “dream” of Aimone, returning among the professionals after the failure of his first competitive experience, coincides with that of the neighborhood which, removed from the dominance of the clan, identifies itself and makes its own claim with that of the young footballer (purchased by a Club of Serie A) returning to be talked about no longer for crime events, but for a beautiful story of sporting success.
Directed by Daniele Piervincenzi (Italy)

The Accomplice

Hudson, a small-time criminal, gets recruited for a bank heist after his partner is badly wounded.
Directed by Liam Carter (New Zealand)


A young woman tells her boyfriend that she’s pregnant. Unfortunately for him, he will do anything to prove she cheated.
Directed by Anthony Longo (USA)


When a grandmother hesitates to try a new product designed to combat the effects of her dementia, her grandson must help her overcome her fears to improve both their lives.
Directed by Matthew Hanisch (USA)

Totally Starstruck

A story in the 1980s about a girl trying to be Madonna (Candy Simmons) encounters problems as her drunken manager gives her demo tape to her rival singer’s executive. Her rival then takes her music and makes it her song which is the latest radio single. Candy is also wrapped up thinking an poser she recently met is a famous pop star.
Directed by Brittney Renee (USA)