Independent Shorts Awards

The Betrayal

A wife is pushed to the breaking point after her husband eats the last of the ice cream.
Directed by Meggie Foster McCann (USA)


A timid young man who wants to join a gang for a change, has to face his initial kill.
Directed by Kunlin Wang (USA)

From Life to Death

Angel appears in the dark room. She wants to create a beautiful life but she has to encounter with Demon who want to take down life to death. Battle of Life & Death has begun.
Directed by Paint Vk (USA)

Lesson #8

A gay app hookup takes an unexpected turn, proving that the best laid plans won’t get you laid as you planned. “Lesson #8” is part of “The Lessons by Alberto Ferreras”, a string of short films shot in only four hours after only one rehearsal.
Directed by Alberto Ferreras (USA)


A lonely mid-twenties male with social anxiety downloads a popular new dating app in hopes of finding love. To his surprise, he matches with a beautiful girl and goes on a date. At first, she seems to be really into him despite clearly being out of his league. It soon becomes clear, however, that she has dark intentions.
Directed by Dan Couri (USA)

Reservoir Dwarfs

“Reservoir Dwarfs” is our latest mashup of two films into a parodic trailer, following the smash hit success of ‘The Tinmanator’ (Wizard of Oz vs The Terminator).

It’s Quentin Tarantino’s masterpiece “Reservoir Dogs” uniquely blended with characters from Disney’s “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”.
Directed by Jack Richardson (UK)

The Healing of Harman

From Academy Award-nominated director, Seth Pinsker, comes a short film about hope, faith and forgiveness. A Kurdish refugee working in the heartland of America (Lincoln, Nebraska) as an interpreter, meets a mysterious man that asks for help with life and death consequences. In today’s divisive and polarized climate, our goal with this film has been to entertain while also making a positive social impact by emotionally touching hearts and minds with what is ultimately a life affirming message.
Directed by Seth Pinsker (USA)


An innocent 13 year old black teenager is charged with manslaughter for the death of his older brother.
Directed by Elias Moreno (USA)


Sif, a young girl living with her father and younger brother in the Viking era sees a mysterious flaming object crash down from the sky. Her adventurous nature compels her to investigate what happened.
Directed by Arnar Freyr Tómasson and Stefán Mekkinósson (Iceland)

Chocolate Man

An ice-cold war photographer, who accompanies a small group of mercenaries in a valley, meets a little deaf girl, who will change his life forever.
Directed by Meg (Germany)