Independent Shorts Awards


A young married mute girl who undergoes domestic violence by her husband and mother everyday, takes a crucial decision in her live to live with her loved ones.
Directed by Sreehari Purimetla (India)

Moderately Put Together

A charmingly messy woman in her 30’s comes face to face with reality when she discovers that both of her biological parents are looking for her.
Directed by Leigh Ann Biety (USA)

No Dayz Off

Two German soldiers car breaks down, they hate their job and decide to play hookie. This will not end well!
Directed by Peter Calvin (USA)

Yoga Mat Chats

Two best friends unroll their yoga mats to escape the adult grind with a healthy dose of wine. 
Directed by Christy Fleetwood (USA)

Generation Z

A Designer DNA lab known as Generation Z has been experimenting with a revolutionary gene-editing technology that brings eugenics back to the forefront.

Pushing this research further, scientists test new traits on designer babies they’ve raised themselves – far from the outside world, until two sisters begin to raise questions regarding their existence at Generation Z.
Directed by Andrea Riba (USA)

Fate Alchemy

A dark comedy that unfolds with a whirlwind of vulgarity and ill-fated circumstance. A deal to chase the American dream diminishes as our three protagonists try to work their way out of an unfortunate event that spawns many to come.
Directed by Ace Blankenship (USA)