Independent Shorts Awards


In a snowy American suburb, a quiet and lonely middle-aged man finds solace in others’ mementos and crafting an ideal partner, until he meets a perfect new companion.
Directed by Emmanuella Zachariou (USA)

Undoing Aging

A man is interested in dating his neighbor but learns about the effects of aging and is surprised by the outcome of his efforts.
Directed by Charlie Kam (USA)


A short story of a shy man who finds the love of his life and then what happens next.
Directed by Andrew Sindt (USA)


On a property in rural Australia, a son’s struggle with his father’s growing decrepitude and hypocrisy coils itself to an explosive showdown.
“Animal” explores questions of masculinity and family in a world where survival isn’t something worth shouting about. It’s just something that’s always there to be dealt with.
Directed by Henry Young (Australia)

Gym Life

Terry, an over-animated gym owner struggling to keep his business open, hires Helen in preparation for the New Year crowd but everyday problems and the opinionated co-worker, Josh, causes some dysfunction.
Directed by Royce Adkins (USA)

Butter Cup

Reese, a timid high school graduate, gathers the courage to confess his feelings for his best friend’s intimidating sister Mandy, but, Miles, his best friend, gets in the way.
Directed by Rathin Rao (USA)