Award Winners: December 2019

Best Film of the Month

Bigger Than Life by Marina Rocco (USA)



Dance of the Porcelain Demons by Cat Watson (UK)

Interlude by Eli Snyder (USA)

Métèque by Lauren Blackwell (UK)

Portrait by Charles Le Patourel (Australia)

Santa Barbara by Diana Markosian (USA)


Platinum Awards

Best Indie ShortBigger Than Life by Marina Rocco (USA)

Best Drama ShortMétèque by Lauren Blackwell (UK)

Best Documentary ShortOneself by Carolien van Maaswaal (Netherlands)

Best Comedy ShortPajama Party Work Night by Patrick Neff (USA)

Best Dark Comedy ShortFashion Alibi by Burt Raynal (France)

Best Thriller ShortImpasse by Scott Milam (USA)

Best Crime ShortImpasse by Scott Milam (USA)

Best Mystery ShortPortrait by Charles Le Patourel (Australia)

Best Fantasy ShortDance of the Porcelain Demons by Cat Watson (UK)

Best Horror ShortAdam by Gemma Paul (UK)

Best Experimental ShortSanta Barbara by Diana Markosian (USA)

Best Student ShortInterlude by Eli Snyder (USA)

Best Animation ShortMandala by Kiran Bhakta Joshi (Nepal)

Best Children ShortI Can See the Star by Xiao Ni (USA)

Best Women ShortAshes of Alyssa by David Mai (USA)

Best LGBTQ ShortEcho by Shamila Lengsfeld (Germany)

Best Microfilm1814 Frost Fair by Julia Fullerton-Batten (UK)

Best Web Series/TV Pilot: Thumb Runner by Dylan Bruno and Kasper Vejlø Kristensen (USA)

Best Music Video: Nice Shoes by Jonathan Lawrence (USA)

Best Director (Female): Marina Rocco for Bigger Than Life (USA)

Best Director (Male): Jason Julien-Connage for Valentine Jacobs (UK)

Best Student Director (Female): Angela Marie Houston for June Heist (USA)

Best Student Director (Male): Eli Snyder for Interlude (USA)

Best First Time Director (Female): Lauren Blackwell for Métèque (UK)

Best First Time Director (Male): Rhyan Schwartz for Artísta Obscura (USA)

Best Actress: Lyna Dubarry for Métèque (UK)

Best Actor: Patrick G. Keenan for Mike (USA)

Best Supporting Actress: Lou Stassen for Métèque (UK)

Best Supporting Actor: Michael Hanratty for Valentine Jacobs (UK)

Best Child/Young Actress: Maanya Varma for Bholi (India)

Best Acting Duo: Emily Laing and Jason Julien-Connage for Valentine Jacobs (UK)

Best Acting Ensemble: Hayley Mcfarland, Bahram Khosraviani, Marina Rocco and Jack Cho for Bigger Than Life (USA)

Best Cinematography: Lukasz Pruchnik for Bigger Than Life (USA)

Best Editing: Essa Grayeb for The Return of Osiris (Palestine)

Best Visual FXDante Falls (USA)

Best Production DesignDance of the Porcelain Demons (UK)

Best Sound Design: Phil Michalski for The Grimoire Chapters: Rem (USA)

Best Original Score: Daniel Clive McCallum for Portrait (Australia)

Best Original Story: Marina Rocco and Michele Mazzoni for Bigger Than Life (USA)

Best Short ScriptPortrait of a Mexicana Poet in Iowa City by James Fitzmaurice (UK)






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