Finalists: December 2019

Official Selection

3708 by Yuhong Cai (USA)

500+ The Ride of a Lifetime by Ben Richey and Tony Vescio (USA)

A King in Exile 2029 by William Stancik (USA)

Adult Programming – YR Fault by Adult Programming and JC Gutierrez (USA)

All The Rage by Dana El-ssa and Abdelhafid Ezzouitni (USA)

Always Hope by Janice L. Walker (USA)

Apocalyptic Life by Stephen Drury Phillips and Kayle J Morgan (USA)

Architecture of the Breath by Kathy Rose (USA)

Arthur Kill by Debby Huvaere (USA)

Baggage Check by Frances Chang (USA)

Bird/Dog by Jeremy Izzo (USA)

Blake by David Busch (USA)

Bull And Bear: A Love Story by David Healy (USA)

Bumbling Idiots by Sheila A. Crump (USA)

Cactus by Katie Trubetsky (USA)

Collision by Brandy Seymour and Regina Walker (USA)

Conflict and a Bit of Magic, A Coming of Age, Selfie Film by Barbara Becker Holstein (USA)

Content by Chris Coats (USA)

Damaged by Wendi Sun (USA)

Darshan: Blessings of Saints by Burt Chojnowski (India)

Days of the Blind by Peiyan Xia (China)

Dying and Trying by Sage Drake (USA)

Escape From Cockatoo Island by Wenqi Tang (Australia)

False by Chelsea Nwasike (USA)

Fernie by Ashutosh Jha (India)

Finals by Nathan Murthy (USA)

Fleeting Moments of Timelessness by John Gussman (USA)

Four Stages of Fire by Taylor Lewis (USA)

Freedom Prep by Elle Ginter (USA)

Garage by Michael P. Jahoda (USA)

Hamlet by Tekla Taidelli (Italy)

Headphone by Rio Jiang (USA)

Herrings of the Heart by Elica Matic Sholler (Australia)

In the Company of Crows by Rachel S. Thomas-Medwid (USA)

In Your Dreams by Alexa Tariff (USA)

Into the Moonlight by Scott Dissinger (USA)

Jones Cafe by Addi Ajmani (USA)

Kidnapped by Timmy Osoba (USA)

Klaun by Susana Borosic (Canada)

Last First by Martin Keady (UK)

Leemo by Drew Smith and August Rice (USA)

Lifeline by Brent S. Duncan (USA)

Like a Secret by Saeed Zamanian (Iran)

Lil Detectives A Toy Too Far by Chad Repko (USA)

Love Bites by Kyle Dockum (USA)

Marriage Counseling for Friends by Tamera L Fields (USA)

My Name Was January by Elina Gress and Lenee Son (Canada)

New Heaven by Swati Chugh (India)

No Filming! by Kasper Vejlø Kristensen (Denmark)

Of Autumn and Spring by Aditya Chowdhury (India)

Passengers of Life by Jagdeep Hunjan (UK)

Queen’s English by Harris Ansari (USA)

Rapacity by Troy Gentles (USA)

Run Elisa Run by Thomas Scott (UK)

Second Sunset by Tim Quinn (USA)

Secrets, Dreams, Faith and Wonder by Stephen Travis Pope (USA)

Seeing Through by Jordan Quaglia (USA)

Sexting by Becca E. Davis (USA)

Sisters by Brittany Lyles and Steve Royall (USA)

Smokehouse Man by William Stancik (USA)

Souvenir from Giverny by Burt Chojnowski (USA)

Spotter by Anthony Culanag (USA)

Stolperstein by Raymond Edwards (USA)

Tag by Edzel Rebamontan (Philippines)

Tagged by Daniel Ferrell (USA)

The Blue Suit by Eric White (USA)

The Chicken Dancer by Tommy Walters (USA)

The Dialogue by Cathrine Hatcher (USA)

The Factory by Diogo Barbosa (Portugal)

The Fatal Flaw by Eric Weber and Sarah Stark (USA)

The Kid by Elijah Kimmel (USA)

The Lost Game by Duane Dsouza (India)

The Red Envelope by Huang Hsiao Hsia (Taiwan)

The Right Way by Tiernan Bertrand-Essington (USA)

The Trouble With Cats by Tim Schafer (USA)

The Vibes by Mark Tyler Rénfro (India)

The Wounded Souls of the Rann by Dinesh Lakhanpal (India)

Theo and John Talk Nonsense by John Reed (USA)

Thoughts and Prayers by Michael Kureth (USA)

Transylvania Stud: White Witch by Corey Allen (USA)

Twisted Gift by Melissa Michaels and Henna Taylor (USA)

Uber Love by Tina Bridges (USA)

Valentine in Things City by Viviane el kmati (Lebanon)

Waking Up in Crazytown by Nathan Shelton (USA)

Weaponized by James O’Brien (USA)

What Ah Nerd by Steven Bernier (USA)

What Is Your Relationship to the Present Moment? by Marilyn McNeal (USA)

Where To Build In Stone by Joseph Bird (UK)

Who Are You? by Tommy Kelly (USA)






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