Gold Awards: December 2022

Best Indie ShortThe Baker by Taylan Yalkin (UK)

Best Drama ShortThe Muse by Max Karpylev (USA)

Best Documentary ShortMerk by Bernard Gray (Canada)

Best Romantic ShortLong Weekend by Danielle Swanson (USA)

Best Comedy ShortMr. and Mrs. by Weihao Wang (USA)

Best Dark Comedy ShortAnother Dead Sailor by Jack Lennard Willoughby (UK)

Best Action ShortThe Infinite Mission by Sonny P. Louis (USA)

Best Crime ShortRe-Entry by RJ Zabasky (USA)

Best Thriller ShortEngaged by Anastasia Boyett (USA)

Best Film Noir ShortDahlia by William Hawks (USA)

Best Mystery ShortDahlia by William Hawks (USA)

Best Sci-Fi ShortThe Time Is Right by Diane Carol Harder (Canada)

Best Fantasy ShortTriggered by Mario Ricardo Rodriguez and Marcus Nel-Jamal Hamm (USA)

Best Student ShortResidence Book Mom by Fujie Huang (China)

Best MicrofilmV838 by Oliver Kane (UK)

Best Music VideoBroken Mirror – Kayla Burch by Steve Brock (USA)

Best Web Series/TV PilotRugbyTown by Patrick Guthrie (USA)

Best Director (Female): Diane Carol Harder for The Time Is Right (Canada)

Best Director (Male): Dan Whitehead and Christopher Stokes for SafeGuard (USA)

Best First Time Director (Female): Lama Naamneh for Cigarette (Palestine)

Best First Time Director (Male): Max Karpylev for The Muse (USA)

Best Actress: Hersha Verity for Salz Got Herpeez (UK)

Best Actor: Samuel Van Fossen for Fleeced (USA)

Best Supporting Actor: Larry Pelham for SafeGuard (USA)

Best Acting Duo: Lucy Velik and Jesse Velik for Exhaust (Australia)

Best Ensemble Cast: Marcus Nel-Jamal Hamm, Lenox Knight, Fernando Marrero, Sapphire Tabor, Robert Dobson, Steven James Tingus, and Michael Heger for Triggered (USA)

Best Production Design: Valentina Joy Orecic for The Time Is Right (Canada)

Best Sound Design: Alexey Butov Jr. for The Muse (USA)

Best Visual FX: Mikey Smith and Zdravko Stoichkov for V838 (UK)

Best Original Score: Aki Cao for Saturday Afternoon (USA)

Best Original Story: Thomas van Kampen for Mixed Signals (Canada)

Best Short Script: Dr. Jane by Chase Smell (USA)






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