Bronze Awards: December 2022

Best Indie ShortMatch by Weihao Wang (USA)

Best Drama ShortMajor by Christopher D. Betts (USA)

Best Documentary ShortThe Portuguese Calçada Knows You by André Badalo (Portugal)

Best Comedy ShortEthan by Taoquan Fu (USA)

Best Dark Comedy ShortA Song for Cassandra by Ashley Sengstaken (USA)

Best Crime Short: Engaged by Anastasia Boyett (USA)

Best Thriller Short: Go Fool Yourself (Se Engana que Eu Gosto) by Marco Felipe Rossi (Brazil)

Best Horror Short1848 by Alfonso Otero Mireles (Mexico)

Best Sci-Fi Short: V838 by Oliver Kane (UK)

Best Western ShortAll In by Salvatore Zeppi Rubinetti (USA)

Best Student ShortIn The Wash by Sabrina Velez (USA)

Best Animation ShortElvis Presley – Unchained Melody by Gabriel Tick (USA)

Best Women ShortFinding People by Vishnu Prasad (USA)

Best LGBTQ ShortSnatched! by Jade Harris-Tyler (UK)

Best MicrofilmGod and the Building Inspector by Matt Haught (USA)

Best Music VideoVLMV – There Are Mountains Underneath Us by Gabriel Stanger (UK)

Best Web and New MediaWinnsboro Center For the Arts – Twenty Years in the Making by Tiffany LeAnn Tillema and Kathleen Fairchild (USA)

Best Mobile ShortThe Country House and Its Karma by Juan Pablo Bornio (Uruguay)

Best Director (Female): Anastasia Boyett for Engaged (USA)

Best Director (Male): Weihao Wang for Mr. and Mrs. (USA)

Best Student Director (Female): Lina Kraftsof for Colors of a Black Belt (Germany)

Best Student Director (Male): Wonjin Lee for Hole (South Korea)

Best First Time Director (Female): Olena Grozovska for Keepers (Ukraine)

Best First Time Director (Male): Ziqi Zu for Sensible Girl (China)

Best Actress: Megan Leigh Johnson for SafeGuard (USA)

Best Actor: Anthony Anderson for Anacostia (USA)

Best Supporting Actress: Alejandra Otero for 1848 (Mexico)

Best Child/Young Actress: Cailey Feemste for Colors of a Black Belt (Germany)

Best Acting Duo: Samantha Grace and Travis Quentin for Long Weekend (USA)

Best Ensemble Cast: Emad Yasin, Lama Naamneh, Bana Naamneh, Hakimiya Yasin, Mysan Madi, Jaber Krakra, Adel Drawsheh, Mahmod Naamneh, Ward Krakra, Alaa Naamneh, Odai Ganaiym, Awad Drawsheh, Samyia Naamneh, Jamal Naamneh Sanallah, and Saeed Naamneh Sanallah for Cigarette (Palestine)

Best Cinematoraphy: Thiago Coghi for Go Fool Yourself (Se Engana que Eu Gosto) (Brazil)

Best Editing: Aaron Mills for Tough Guy (USA)

Best Production Design: Carolann de León for The Girl from Guatemala (USA)

Best Sound Design: Haddon Kime, Dolph Amick, and Dan Bauman for B Positive (USA)

Best Original Score: Kit Conway, Colin Fraser, and Jim White for Friday Night (USA)

Best Original Story: Joseph Louis Coleman for Vacationland (USA)

Best Short ScriptBroad Shoulders by Samson Ari Ziegelman (USA)






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