Finalists: December 2022

11:11 Once by Norma N Marcus (USA)

A Morning Conversation by Garrett Benningfield (USA)

A Place for Him by Anika Paris (USA)

A Small Act of Courage by Dylan Brody (USA)

Around Every Corner: Romance & Mystery – Part 1 by Barbara Becker Holstein (USA)

Big Brother Bootcamp: S2E6 – Follow The Laughter by Antonio J Higgins (USA)

Bubamara by Lara St John (USA)

Das Resort by Mathias Kessler (Austria)

Folded Whispers by Mark Anthony Thomas, Shane MacFarland, and Jordon Rooney (USA)

Forgetting Chloe by Maiqi Zuo (USA)

Forsaken by Adrian Al Jazzar (Bulgaria)

Happy B’Day Maria by Dujin Kim (South Korea)

Hear Yourself by Kerrys Lousie Virgo (USA)

Hidden Lives by Abraham Lopez (USA)

Imaginary Friends by Houston Rex Diaz (Italy)

Jack the Genie by Grady Gaspare Fiorio (USA)

James by Valaira Sa-Ra (USA)

Little Genes by Matthew K Clingempeel and Skye Emerson (USA)

Love 4 Britland by Jaritza Lopez (USA)

Love Ways by Abraham Lopez (USA)

Middle School ’89 by Demeco D Walters (USA)

Operation: Ice by Jorden James Rees Eyermann (USA)

Phantasmia by Thad Hitchcock and Abbie Deleers (USA)

Scared To Death by Flame Brewer (UK)

Shut-In by Ivan Matos (USA)

Snip by Seth Jarrett (USA)

Street Chess: Community, Care, and Competition by Eugene Yoo (USA)

The Girl by Joey Whitmarsh (USA)

The Saddest Day of the Year by Dylan Brody (USA)






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