Gold Awards: April 2020

Best Indie Short1971 by Magnus Häll (Sweden)

Best Drama ShortThe Favor by Bruno Henry (France)

Best Documentary ShortUse Your Words by Lauren Layton (USA)

Best Comedy ShortHotHed by David Spring (UK)

Best Dark Comedy ShortGhosty Mc Ghostface by Emma Richardson and Will Austin (UK)

Best Thriller ShortJudith Basin by George Dibble (USA)

Best Film Noir Short: The Collector by Scarlet Liu (China)

Best Crime ShortKid by Praboo T Arivananthan (Malaysia)

Best Action Short: Dead in the Water by Liam Carter (New Zealand)

Best Mystery ShortWhatever You Want by Edoardo Ranaboldo (USA)

Best Horror ShortNecromantic by Jordan Pfeifer (USA)

Best Sci-Fi ShortWhen Fire Flies by Das Fuerst (USA)

Best Experimental ShortPanem et Circenses by Sofi (Turkey)

Best Student ShortSmithereens by Julie de Oliveira (Brazil)

Best Animation ShortSharp as Stone by Jasmine Vahidsafa (USA)

Best Children ShortSharp as Stone by Jasmine Vahidsafa (USA)

Best Women ShortSmithereens by Julie de Oliveira (Brazil)

Best LGBTQ ShortYour Giorgio by Matthew Leifheit (USA)

Best MicrofilmJust Friends by Marc Lesperut (Spain)

Best Music VideoStay Home by Wagner Cinelli (Brazil)

Best Mobile ShortOreb by Sigfrido Giammona (Italy)

Best Web and New Media: Visible Farmer by Gisela Kaufmann (Australia)

Best Web Series/TV Pilot: Gods Game by Tony Chaslas (France)

Best Director (Female): Elisa Sofia Fioretti for Muted Walls (USA)

Best Director (Male): Magnus Häll for 1971 (Sweden)

Best Student Director (Female): Wendi Tang for Janet (USA)

Best Student Director (Male): Tanxuan Shi for Lip Reader: Game Of Detective (China)

Best First Time Director (Female): Julie de Oliveira for Smithereens (Brazil)

Best First Time Director (Male): Erdal Dizman for Aperture (Germany)

Best Young Filmmaker (Female): Dana Koops for Driver’s Ed (USA)

Best Young Filmmaker (Male): Sean Treacy for Broken Reflection (Ireland)

Best Actress: Nimisha Odedra for HotHed (UK)

Best Actor: Kaiwi Lyman for Juicy Girl (South Korea)

Best Acting Duo: Michelle J. Wright and Daniella Michieli for Waiting For Nicko (UK)

Best Acting Ensemble: Jarrel Yeo, Shashi Anbah, Sarankumar, Arun Chandran, Kesavan Krishnamurthi, Praboo Ariva, K. Y. Thean, Audrey Lim, and Seo Yiie Lyn for Kid (Malaysia)

Best Cinematography: Giacomo La Monaca for Notebook (USA)

Best Editing: Nathaniel Turner for Red: A Fairy Tale (USA)

Best Visual FX: Alejandro Alva for Red: A Fairy Tale (USA)

Best Production Design: Brie Seaton, Dylan Lunt, and Johnathan “Johnny-O” Olsen for Circadian (USA)

Best Sound Design: Kevin Peters for When Fire Flies (USA)

Best Original Score: Patrick Belaga for Your Giorgio (USA)

Best Original Story: Pieter De Cnudde and Diederik Haegeman for L’Escale (Belgium)

Best Short ScriptObama’s Dreams by James Fitzmaurice (UK)






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