Award-winning “Bona To Vada” premieres at Independent Shorts Awards TV

Bona To Vada

Mandatory drama short “Bona To Vada“, awarded Best Film of the Month in the season of August, is streaming at Independent Shorts Awards TV, as world premiere.

The remarkable and visually powerful 15-minute film directed by Masha Ko (USA) revolves around free-spirited partiers Ana and Evan who travel to a secret ocean cove to grab the ultimate selfies. But something about the location’s energy troubles Ana. Evan dismisses her concerns and dives into the water, only to resurface speaking in an unfamiliar tongue before disappearing. Ana must put her fears aside to find Evan and venture deep into the water’s depths where she discovers a strange world of bodies frozen in time — bodies waiting to tell their stories and find a long-overdue sense of peace.

Bona To Vada“, which has its theatrical world premiere scheduled for next September at Raleigh Studios Hollywood during the 2022 Annual Awards, was also awarded Platinum for Best Experimental Short, Best LGBTQ Short, Best Director (Female), Best Cinematography, Best Sound Design, Best Production Design, and Gold for Best Editing.

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