Finalists: April 2020

21 Centuries by William Stancik (USA)

Adam’s Birth by Robert Weis (USA)

Alone Apart by Arek Zasowski (UK)

Backstage Pass by Mary Birdsong (USA)

Beyond the Limits of Insanity by Tony Sperandeo (Italy)

Control by Tevin Everett (USA)

Crazy Daze by Raul Marrero (USA)

Daddy’s Home by Gary Anthony Sturgis (USA)

Different Corners by Steven Zaza (USA)

Earth Freaks by Jennifer Miguel (USA)

El Güerro by Austin Salinas (USA)

Equal by Tianjun Gao (USA)

Everything: Why Citizens Should Know Their U.S. Constitution by Emily Kitzmiller (USA)

F*ckboy by Hope Carew (USA)

For The So Called Avant Garde by Tré Bracey (USA)

From Kyoto, With Love by Yann Carpentier (France)

I Knew Him Well by Sean Harrison Jones (USA)

I See Everything (USA)

If The Streets Are My Home by Mattia Fiumani (Italy)

Inertia by David Har’el (USA)

Less Worthy of Survival by Alberto Greco (USA)

Lucky Day by skjmmjngtonrjde (USA)

Lullaby by Kae Fujisawa (USA)

Making Waves “If the Ocean dies, We die” by Laura Zéphirin (USA)

My Favorite Song by John Anthony (USA)

MyWorld by Lara Patricia Maamoun (USA)

Napkin Obituary by Kienan Lyons (USA)

Painting with Rob Boss: Trump by Meagan Koleck (USA)

Prisoner by Andrew Sindt (USA)

Project: Love US by Jasmine Johnson (USA)

Shotgun Therapy by Colton Baumgartner and Steven C Rose (USA)

Song by Sid Patwa (USA)

Status by Alice Johnson (USA)

Strongman by Elena Anderson (USA)

SymphonyX by Ana Ingham (USA)

T i z i a n o by Oleg [REC] Rakovich (Russia)

Thank You All for Coming by Nina Pasechnikova (USA)

The Art of Understanding by Aaron Lemle (USA)

The Boy With The Golden Veins by Benjamin Anthony (USA)

The Coin by Scott Flones (USA)

The Confined by Christopher Picone (USA)

The Fire This Time: ArtBarbados by Alan Springer (Barbados)

The Howl of Heaven by Sam Stavely (USA)

The Ladies of the Bookclub by Valerie McAllister (USA)

The Rats in the Walls by Ryan D. Coulton (USA)

The Weapon by Sediq Haci Xalid (Iraq)

Typing by Ronghao Wang (China)

What Am I Afraid Of by Calvin Kai Ku (USA)

What Brings You In? by Hardy Awadjie (USA)

Window by Adam Bastin (UK)






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