Finalists: May 2020

100 Years at the Beach by Dustin Malama (USA)

2019 by Kentaro Saito (Japan)

5×7 by Michele Citoni (Italy)

86 Fear by Andrew Mazur (USA)

A Kind Era by Carla Sacco (Canada)

A Place Less Cold by Anne Johnstonbrown (USA)

About Maddy by Sage Drake (USA)

ahy-suh-ley-shuh n by Jason Hargreaves ACS (Australia)

Alabaster by Dan Ramm (USA)

Amnesia by Thomas S. Normandy (USA)

April 2020 by Borna Moinpour (USA)

Aquarium by Ekin Sensev (Turkey)

Barely Audible by William Galante (USA)

Beauty by Olivia Andrus (USA)

Bhay – Fear by Lolita Bhaduri (India)

Black April by William Stancik (USA)

Black Box by Anand Acts (Singapore)

Braving the Night by Daniel Feldman (USA)

By The Way by Viorel Munteanu (USA)

Cat’s Eye by Haley Min Young Kreofsky (USA)

Chatter by Ken Holmes and Audrey Seybold (USA)

Choices by Ron Fulmer (USA)

Context is Everything: The Lockdown Medley by Joshua Clay Lonner (USA)

Coronalone? by Nigel Gould-Davies (UK)

Coughlin’s Coffins by Sam Smith-Boyle (USA)

Dark Alley by Alex Penrose and Evan Penrose (USA)

Dark Tastes by Dan Couto (Canada)

Definition of Manhood by Contrina Buggs and Brandon Kelly (USA)

Distance by Hunter Gause (USA)

Diversified: The Florida Panther Story by Olivia Andrus (USA)

Divine Transformation by Verena von Horsten (Switzerland)

Down, Boy by Kyle Marie Colucci (USA)

Drowning by Chanel Samuels (USA)

Ducks by Nicholas V. Andros (USA)

Durian by Caitlyn Phu (USA)

Early Admission by Emma Callahan (USA)

Ebony War Porn by Davelle Barnes (USA)

Eternal Damnation by Enrique Caballero (USA)

Faith by Kaustuv Mukherjee (USA)

Falling From Arms by Sean Patrick Leonard (USA)

Father Daughter Day by Ashley Good (Canada)

Fly, Martin by Louis Boyera (Switzerland)

Fortune In Gold by Anne Johnstonbrown (USA)

Gilbert Joins The Airforce? by Frank Modica (USA)

Give Me Shelter by Dyllan Ellis (USA)

Good Mourning by Polimana (USA)

Hearty’s Day Out by Vivek Joseph Varughese (India)

I’ve Got To Get My Items by Thomas Meredith and Jacob Thomas (USA)

Innocent Goodbye by Theresa Picciallo (USA)

Isolation by Yuzhi Zhu (China)

It’s Been So Long by Xiaonan Luo (USA)

Jack & Jill by Jamal Rashad (USA)

Jennifer Wen Ma: Cry Joy Park – Gardens of Dark and Light by Dave Stewart Brown and Sixuan Geng (USA)

JoinWith.Me by Mike Meier (USA)

Kwagala by Renford Reese (Uganda)

Lag: A Zoomsical Comedy by Haddon Kime (USA)

Legacy by Cristobal Abugaber (USA)

Lenny’s Luck by Colin Pierce (USA)

Let Go: Letting Go by Arek Zasowski (UK)

Life by Joe Riggi (USA)

Life Gone With The Wind by Siavash Saedpanah (Iran)

Limbo by Pablo Ibañez Aragón (Mexico)

Los Angeles Film Project 2 by Jeff Grace (USA)

Lotería! by Isabella Hicks (USA)

Mail Companion by Beth Riesgraf (USA)

Mayhem by Jason Anthony Fisher (USA)

Mending The Cloth by Nathaniel Keesing (Australia)

Momentum by Johana Vala (Canada)

Netfixer by Kyle Dubiel (USA)

Neva by Ryan Lucas (USA)

Nine by Jane Musky (USA)

No Place For My Space by Gabrielle Paulina-Hamill (USA)

Not Going Back by Emilie Lowe (Australia)

Note for Note by Olivia Santos (USA)

Now, Inevitable by Aaron (Arnab Moitra) (India)

Old Hearts Café by Cameron Gallagher and Ken Holmes (USA)

One Actor Short by Yuval David (USA)

Oregon Water Colors by John Pings (USA)

Parallel by Zachary Viola (Canada)

Permission by Joe Capucini (USA)

Phase II by Bruce Barker (USA)

Plan Bee by Hannah Sharp (UK)

Plastic Love by Lucia Rinaldi (Italy)

Promenade by Mona Shahab (USA)

Rabbit Hole by Derrick Glen (Canada)

Redemption On Gun Hill Road by Christopher Picone (USA)

Return of the Spirit Bug by William Stancik (USA)

Revenge of the Soggy Dumpling by Dan Kroll (USA)

Road Trip USA! by Ryan Roach (USA)

Roadside by Ryan Metcalf (USA)

Safe by Jonathan Sprout and Rodney Whittenberg (USA)

September by Konstantin Rall and Zeehyun Soh (Germany)

Shift by Cesar Cacho Quijada (USA)

Short Stay by Cydney Cochrane (Canada)

Sleep in Heavenly Peace – A Bed for All Children by Steve Colwell and Teri Horsley (USA)

Social Distancing by Quinn Hoerner (USA)

Social Outcast by Matiyes Kinker and Bobby Best (USA)

Soft Shell by Jan Bross (Mexico)

Spicing It Up by Kerbi Slusser (USA)

Springtime in Oakland: Shroom Trip by Joshua Clay Lonner (USA)

Styx & Stoner by Adam Steinfeld (USA)

The Amelioration by Hamad Ibrahim (Kuwait)

The Barrel by Leslie Kalarchian (USA)

The Family Left by Jordan Haschets (USA)

The Last Stand by Martín D. Guevara (Spain)

The Lockdown of Two Eras by Lounis Tiar (UK)

The Nautilus Shell by Danny Betts (UK)

The Quarantine Rag by Charlotte Quintanar (USA)

The Secret Project 53 by Peter Boiadzhieff (USA)

Threehundredsistyfive by Yuxuan Hu (Germany)

Tied Up by Meagan Frolich (USA)

TIKTok-IN’! Clip: “Sink Da Mayo” (from Ep.19.5: “Sink Da Mayo Ageeyan!” Shannon O’Brian Chronicles) by Jenness Rouse (USA)

Time of Day by Ryan Muise (Canada)

Tipsy Talk by Alexandra Ibarra, Amber Washington, Ian Wagner, Jacob Wyscaver, and Xander Elmore (USA)

Toast by Adrian Cunningham (Canada)

Touch and Go by Brianna Thomas (USA)

Trouble on the Brain Front by Hiroaki Mizuno (Japan)

Uncle Charlie by Floyd Jr Roberts (USA)

Until the Last Paddle by Kathleen Ly (USA)

Walking Thin Lines by Preston Ray (USA)

We The People by Faith Liu (USA)

When The Music Fades by Johnny Moon (USA)

Ya He Estado Solo – Shadow of a Doubt by Luis “L.T.” Martinez (USA)






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