Honorable Mentions: May 2020

Best Indie ShortLifeless by Alex Fedosov and Elvira Sinelnik (USA)

Best Indie ShortWhat Just Happened by Francis Yamoah (UK)

Best Drama Short: Lugar Algum – No Place by Gabriel Amaral (Brazil)

Best Drama Short: The Edge by Rodrigo Tavares (Portugal)

Best Drama Short: When The Night Has Come by Janice Mingas NGouama (Canada)

Best Documentary ShortGodspeed Mc: For God and Country by R.J. Hall (USA)

Best Documentary ShortHollie’s Dress by Annie Sakkab (Canada)

Best Romantic ShortCycles by Katherine Murray-Satchell (USA)

Best Romantic ShortDurian by Cici Chu (USA)

Best Romantic ShortValentine by Albert Rudnitsky (USA)

Best Comedy Short: Coasters: A Film by Ben Kurns by J.G. Murphy and Nolan Pugh (USA)

Best Comedy Short: Do Not Open by Moses Mugo (USA)

Best Dark Comedy ShortDumps by Boris Bilic (Canada)

Best Dark Comedy ShortScene From A Marriage by Albert Rudnitsky (Russia)

Best Dark Comedy ShortThe Axe And The Iron by Matthew Roseman (USA)

Best Thriller ShortDoors by Caleb Harris (USA)

Best Thriller ShortMoriah by Nathan Tape (USA)

Best Action Short: Artificial Souldier by Jason Gonzalez (USA)

Best Crime Short: Shuga by Geezy Hamilton (USA)

Best Mystery Short: Henry & Eddy by Benjamin Nlomngan (France)

Best Mystery Short: Loop by Yanqing Chen “Jack” (USA)

Best Horror ShortAltered by Sarah Le (USA)

Best Horror ShortBar Crawl by Matthew Hersh (USA)

Best Fantasy ShortThe Princess Pleasure Principle by Emily Perkins Rock (USA)

Best Fantasy ShortWhen A Tree Falls by Matt Kincses (Canada)

Best Sci-Fi ShortCovid-19 The Apocalypse by Stephen DruryPhillips (USA)

Best Sci-Fi ShortThe Keeping Cost by Travis Darkow (USA)

Best Experimental ShortDead Horse by Albert Rudnitsky (USA)

Best Experimental ShortDensity of Air by Sooin Cho (South Korea)

Best Student ShortFor You. by Andi Rados (USA)

Best Student ShortThe Vacancy by Chen Manjia (China)

Best Student ShortTil Death by Matthew Scoopo (USA)

Best Animation ShortFelt Love by Arlene Bongco and Angeline Vu (USA)

Best Animation ShortLong Way Down by Brandon Lopez (USA)

Best Children ShortThe ABCs of Things To Do When You’re Stuck At Home by Julie Reiters (USA)

Best Women Short: Echinacea by Daisy-May Hudson (UK)

Best Women Short: Grounded by Olivia Andrus (USA)

Best Women Short: The Monster’s Club by Federica Carlino (USA)

Best LGBTQ ShortAngela by Juan Alcantar and Saul Preciado-Garcia (USA)

Best MicrofilmAltered by Sarah Le (USA)

Best MicrofilmShill by Werner Traut (USA)

Best Screendance ShortMojana by Tamika J. Spaulding (USA)

Best Music Video: Come Away With Me by Michelle Rose, Joshua McGrane, and Ironclad Productions (USA)

Best Music Video: Holy Water by Noor-un-nisa Touchon (USA)

Best Mobile Short: I’m Looking For You by Alejandro Chapa (Canada)

Best Mobile Short: Rose and the Outlaw by Kyler Boudreau (USA)

Best Web and New Media: Godspeed Mc: For God and Country by R.J. Hall (USA)

Best Web Series/TV Pilot: Men Are Trash by Tshepo Boshielo (South Africa)

Best Web Series/TV Pilot: Sharif: Episode 01 – Who Are You? by Joan Romero (Spain)

Best Web Series/TV Pilot: Venture by 翔 秋山 (Japan)

Best Parody Short: Glorious Hollywood Medley 1956 by William Stancik (USA)

Best Trailer/Teaser: Spaghetti and Western by Rob McLean (Canada)

Best Director (Female): Angeline Wu for Bucket List (Australia)

Best Director (Female): Arlene Bongco and Angeline Vu for Felt Love (USA)

Best Director (Male): Rodrigo Tavares for The Edge (Portugal)

Best Director (Male): Tom Ruddock for Jacob’s Blessing (UK)

Best Student Director (Female): Ember Crowley for Skin Deep (USA)

Best Student Director (Female): Federica Carlino for The Monster’s Club (USA)

Best Student Director (Female): Ronny Kurland for Two Best Buds and the Karate Beavers Agreement (Canada)

Best Student Director (Male): Bolun Wei for Grandpa’s Long March (USA)

Best Student Director (Male): Werner Traut for Shill (USA)

Best First Time Director (Female): Chen Manjia for The Vacancy (China)

Best First Time Director (Female): Kat Conway for Me, My Meds & Mother (USA)

Best First Time Director (Male): Matthew Roseman for The Axe And The Iron (USA)

Best Actress: Kelly Love for That’s My Time (USA)

Best Actress: Yesh Burce for In His Shadow (Philippines)

Best Actor: Ed Delia for Reparations (USA)

Best Actor: Eric Urbiztondo for Something Safe (USA)

Best Supporting Actress: Jordan Wilson for Dumps (Canada)

Best Supporting Actress: Nefertiti Warren for Reparations (USA)

Best Supporting Actor: Jared Taylor Wilson for That’s My Time (USA)

Best Child/Young Actress: Ashlee Grubbs for 8 Days Of Lights: A Christmasukkah Story (USA)

Best Child/Young Actress: Olivia Cote shared with Esme Cote for Hands On: Crafts with Olivia & Esme (USA)

Best Child/Young Actor: Jayden Guarneri for A Hopeless Father (USA)

Best Acting Duo: Denzel Brooks and Timothy Paul Coderre for When The Night Has Come (Canada)

Best Acting Duo: Elvira Sinelnik and Erin Michele Soto for Lifeless (USA)

Best Acting Ensemble: Jacqueline Ann Finch, Flo Lawrence, James Chalke, Lynelle Ladd, and Maggie Palermo for Me, My Meds & Mother (USA)

Best Acting Ensemble: Nate Ward, Amick Viccellio, Chris Smith, and Lucy Hartman for How To Plan A Heist (USA)

Best Editing: Janice Mingas NGouama for When The Night Has Come (Canada)

Best Special FX: The Boy with the Sombrero (USA)

Best Visual FX: Holy Water (USA)

Best Visual FX: Theo Kim for Meeting With The Devil (Saudi Arabia)

Best Production Design: Doors (USA)

Best Production Design: Leah Santic for Two Best Buds and the Karate Beavers Agreement (Canada)

Best Sound Design: Amit Lev Ari for Without Goodbye (USA)

Best Sound Design: Gabe Tejeda for Doors (USA)

Best Original Score: Duygu Demir for Inside Out Terrain (USA)

Best Original Story: Adrian Hudson for Behind Glass Walls (Australia)

Best Original Story: Gregory G. Allen for Reparations (USA)

Best Short ScriptAn Evening Caller by Peter-William Jamieson (Australia)

Best Short ScriptKill Me If You Can by Xintong Han (USA)

Best Short ScriptOrphaned by Siaka Hinton (USA)






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