Finalists: July 2020

A Bay to Cherish by Freddy Moyano (USA)

Adversary: The Wicked and the Dead by Korea Black (USA)

Almond Breeze by Frank Joesph Filippazzo (USA)

Apsara Creations by Vibol Sungkriem (USA)

Beginnings by Majid AlYousif (Bahrain)

Birthday in Place by Dave Laden (USA)

Board Game by Jeannie Zusy (USA)

Born of Fire by Kenna Stimson (USA)

Caketown by William Stancik (USA)

Chalk Day by Heidi Appe (USA)

Come Back Home (Abaco Relief Song) by Piera Van de Wiel (UK)

Covid-19 & Me by Sage Drake (USA)

Dear Parents by Saneesh Feisal (USA)

Drinks & Frames by Julie Feskoe (USA)

Echoes of the Past by Michael Udow (USA)

Finding the Strength to Heal by Michael Boctor (USA)

For A Living by Bryan Suarez (Cuba)

Gilbert and Briosky (From The Gilbert Diaries) by Frank Modica (USA)

Glass by Andrea Tiatto (Italy)

Good Night. by Noah Friend (USA)

Homeless Sam & Sally – The Movie by Tyrone Evans Clark (USA)

Impossible To Clean by Federico Rabinovich, Joao Barros, Jared Kling, and Kyle Brennan (USA)

In Memorium by Luke Weber (USA)

Indalo: The Creation by Des Dlamini (South Africa)

It’s Been A While Since I Went Outside by Danielle Eva Schwob (USA)

J.R.’S Dilemma by Stuart Schulz (USA)

Long Way Down by Robbie GLenn (USA)

Loop by Adrian Batista and Fernanda Caride (USA)

Lupita by Jose Feng (USA)

Meetings That Should Be Emails by Maria Rotger (Spain)

Memento Mori by Travis Widick (USA)

MotherLove by Suzanne Phillips (UK)

Moving In by Kyle Love (USA)

No.2 by Casey Abramson (USA)

On Letting Things Be (An Exercise) by Sophie Clements (UK)

Outlying Zephyr by Vanessa Coleman (USA)

Planet Caravan by Metin Bulent (UK)

Popped Culture by Spencer Flynn (USA)

Quarantined by Terrence Sharrock (USA)

Quarantraining by Ashley Landrieu (USA)

Round Table by Micheal A Pinckney (USA)

Saved by Jay Alappat (USA)

Second to None by Carmen Lamar Gonzalez (USA)

Slideshows From The Peanut Gallery by Paul Rodgers (USA)

Snipoless: The Saga of the J-Boys by Joe Wakefield (USA)

Stay by Alex Arnold (UK)

Stuntbot by Olivia Foa’i (Australia)

Superheroes, Sidelined by Jeremy Hartt (USA)

The Audition by Stephen Kessen (USA)

The Experiment by Samanthia Nixon (USA)

The Hidden Driver by Matthew Levin (USA)

The Interpretation of Dreams by Ivan Francis Wilder (Ivan Pergamenshchik) (USA)

The Move by Rashid Ullah (UK)

The Notes by Svetlana Mazulevskaya (Kazakhstan)

The Ominous Project Universe Presents: The Devils Within by Shreco Bakari (USA)

The Past Has Yet To Begin by William Stancik (USA)

The Search by Majid AlYousif (Bahrain)

The Short Solution by Mohammad Baqer Hoseini (Afghanistan)

The Victim & The Theft by Chung Ka Pang (Hong Kong)

The Way To Westport by Davina Marie Liberty (USA)

The Woman Doesn’t Exist by Maria Rotger (Spain)

Time Vol.1 by Christopher Tate (USA)

Trauma by Dhun Sharma (Canada)

Un Autre Jour à LA by Marie Tollec (USA)

Uppercut by William Stancik (USA)

Viper Virus: History in the Making by Celeste Locante Thorson (USA)

Walk by Charlie Manoukian and Sky Nelson (USA)

We Only Know Violence by Nathan Osborne (Australia)

We’re Fine by Alicia Ocana (USA)

Whatsapp by Fernando Orovitg (Spain)

Windows by Mike Greenwood (USA)

Zahar by Carmen Rozestraten (USA)






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