Award Winners: September 2019

Independent Shorts Awards

Master Moley By Royal Invitation by Leon Joosen (UK)


Butterfly by Bonnie Foster (USA)

Circus Sam by Rayner Wang (Japan)

Innocent Boy by Brock Cravy (USA)

Little Philip’s Birthday by Hesam Anvari (Canada)

Simulation by Hashem Al-Ghaili (Germany)


Independent Shorts Awards

Best Indie ShortButterfly by Bonnie Foster (USA)

Best Drama ShortLittle Philip’s Birthday by Hesam Anvari (Canada)

Best Documentary ShortFar From Home by Felicia Talyor (USA)

Best Comedy ShortCampy Spy Musical by Sabrina Robinson (USA)

Best Dark Comedy ShortOne Last Last Heist by Darrin Rose (Canada)

Best Thriller ShortA Normal Life by Leon de Levita (Netherlands)

Best Action ShortEleven by Chris Cossin (USA)

Best Crime ShortSid by Neil Corbould (UK)

Best Film Noir Short: Trains by Robert Priel (USA)

Best Mystery ShortDeep Shock by Davide Melini (UK)

Best Fantasy ShortWho Are You? by Manuel (Peta) Rivero y Hornos (Argentina)

Best Sci-Fi ShortSimulation by Hashem Al-Ghaili (Germany)

Best Horror ShortWho Are You? by Manuel (Peta) Rivero y Hornos (Argentina)

Best Experimental ShortBuoy by David Magnier (Ireland)

Best Student ShortThe Junkie’s Daughter by Ning Ding (China)

Best Animation ShortMaster Moley By Royal Invitation by Leon Joosen (UK)

Best Children ShortCircus Sam by Rayner Wang (Japan)

Best Women ShortTattoo by Farhad Delaram (Iran)

Best LGBTQ ShortInnocent Boy by Brock Cravy (USA)

Best MicrofilmSync by Simon Morehead (Australia)

Best Drone Short: Colombus by Ludovic Veltz (France)

Best Director (Female): Bonnie Foster for Butterfly (USA)

Best Director (Male): Hesam Anvari by Little Philip’s Birthday (Canada)

Best Student Director (Female): Ning Ding for The Junkie’s Daughter (China)

Best Student Director (Male): Rashad Frett for K.I.N.G. (USA)

Best First Time Director (Female): Sabrina Robinson for Campy Spy Musical (USA)

Best First Time Director (Male): Brock Cravy for Innocent Boy (USA)

Best Actress: Vivian Davidson for Little Philip’s Birthday (Canada)

Best Actor: Doug Barron for Boozy Mickey (USA)

Best Child/Young Actress: Penny Munroe for Here There Be Tygers (USA)

Best Child/Young Actor: Barsam Naemi for Little Philip’s Birthday (Canada)

Best Acting Duo: Jade Lorna Sullivan and Micah Fitzgerald for Butterfly (USA)

Best Acting Ensemble: Martin McLaughlyn, Mariusz Galilejczyk and Karolina Burek for Sid (UK)

Best Cinematography: Sean McDaniel for Butterfly (USA)

Best Editing: Matias Boettner for Simulation (Germany)

Best Special FX: Deep Shock (UK)

Best Visual FXSimulation (Germany)

Best Sound Design: Moritz Monorfalvi for Simulation (Germany)

Best Original Score: Lorne Balfe for Master Moley By Royal Invitation (UK)

Best Original Story: Farhad Delaram, based on a story by Dena Rassam, for Tattoo (Iran)

Best Short Script: Outside the Angel City by Taylor Bright (USA)





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