Honorable Mentions: September 2019

Independent Shorts Awards

Best Indie ShortBottomless by Dustin Curtis Murphy (UK)

Best Indie ShortLizzy on Leroy by Seanie Sugrue (USA)

Best Indie ShortThe Act is the Enemy of the Thought by Moritz Draheim (Germany)

Best Drama ShortFog by Jessica Cummings (USA)

Best Drama ShortThe Crow’s First Flight by Luis Alberto López Portillo (Guatemala)

Best Drama ShortThe Tree by James Sharpe (UK)

Best Drama ShortWholeheartedly by Theo Francocci (Italy)

Best Documentary ShortL’eau Est La Vie (Water Is Life): From Standing Rock to the Swamp by Sam Vinal (USA)

Best Documentary ShortStrong, the Destry Abbott Story by Wiley Watson (USA)

Best Romantic Short: Backbeat by Martin Blank (USA)

Best Romantic Short: Bronwyn Goes Dancing by Christopher T. Lang (UK)

Best Dark Comedy ShortRaw Pieces by J. Steven Madura (USA)

Best Dark Comedy ShortVeeBees by Jessica Orcsik and Robbie Ryde (USA)

Best Thriller ShortKindred by Andrew Lee Potts (UK)

Best Thriller ShortNon-Emergency by Roxanne Marciniak (USA)

Best Crime ShortThe Almighty Card by Angela Wang (China)

Best Mystery ShortAntique by Ross Berkeley Simpson (UK)

Best Mystery ShortForgotten Alive by Kiriakos Kotsinis (Greece)

Best Sci-Fi ShortAnother World by Nick Pacione (USA)

Best Sci-Fi ShortEnd Point by Rafael Cortes (UK)

Best Sci-Fi ShortSystem Restore by Matthew Zavala (USA)

Best Horror ShortEyes Open by Jawed J.S. (Canada)

Best Experimental ShortPost Truth: Or a Frustrating Experience With The Internet by Parker Cooley (USA)

Best Experimental ShortUnder The Forest, Above The Ground: Looking Back On Electric Forest 2019 by Steve Conry (USA)

Best Student ShortBeyond by Mira Rumpel (Austria)

Best Student ShortDedication by Brandon Hill (USA)

Best Student ShortGet Up Eight by Gabrielle Rosson (USA)

Best Student ShortMansion Rugao by Lucas Chengze Li (China)

Best Women ShortThe Hippocampus by LiuXiaoJun (China)

Best Microfilm: If I Could Talk To My Donor by Jayden Cummins (Australia)

Best Microfilm: Sonny Boy by Karolina Lisowski (Poland)

Best Web and New Media: Kensington in Crisis by Jill Frechie and John Ricciutti (USA)

Best Web and New Media: Mi/As by Guillermo Orozco (USA)

Best Director (Female): Nicole Shan for The Rosy Summer Day (USA)

Best Director (Male): Sergio Herrera for The Strangest Fruit (USA)

Best Student Director (Female): Angela Wang for The Almighty Card (China)

Best Student Director (Male): Brandon Hill for Dedication (USA)

Best First Time Director (Female): Ekaterina Belinskaya for The Standard (Russia)

Best First Time Director (Female): Gabrielle Rosson for Get Up Eight (USA)

Best First Time Director (Male): Theo Francocci for Wholeheartedly (Italy)

Best Actress: Andrea Mendez for Wholeheartedly (Italy)

Best Actress: Milena Predic for Submission (Serbia)

Best Actor: Alex Figueiredo for Sonntag (Argentina)

Best Actor: Benjamin Arevalo for The Crow’s First Flight (Guatemala)

Best Child/Young Actress: Shaina Schmid for Who The Hell Is Annie? (USA)

Best Acting Duo: Jono Cota and Lara Jean for Trust Issues (USA)

Best Acting Duo: Wulei Fu and Scott Zhang for Bei Dai Bay (China)

Best Cinematography: Piotr Kosmalski for Luna’s Fortress (Poland)

Best Editing: Paul Usungu for Door to Purgatory (USA)

Best Sound Design: Leroy McClendon for Door to Purgatory (USA)

Best Original Score: A.J. Quarterman for Saving Grace (UK)

Best Original Score: P.T. Adamczyk for Luna’s Fortress (Poland)

Best Original Story: Kiriakos Kotsinis for Forgotten Alive (Greece)

Best Original Story: Ross Berkeley Simpson for Antique (UK)





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