Award Winners: August 2019

Independent Shorts AwardsAlia by Sreehari Purimetla (India)



A Renaissance by Prach Rojanasinwilai and Noah Ottersen Parker (UK)

Just in Time by Christopher Martini (USA)

Kneeling Sheep by Hai Rihan (USA)

Torn by Lara Aslanian (USA)


Independent Shorts AwardsBest Indie ShortLittle Hands by Rémi Allier (France)

Best Drama ShortKneeling Sheep by Hai Rihan (USA)

Best Documentary ShortFather Will I See Again? by Daniel Grasskamp and Fred Burns (UK)

Best Romantic ShortUntitled (Sans Titre) by Clément de Dadelsen (France)

Best Comedy ShortLost Treasure of the Valley by Robert Husted (USA)

Best Dark Comedy ShortKilling Time with Lizzie Boredom by Elizabeth Theis (USA)

Best Thriller ShortThe Norwalk Witness by Travis Brown (USA)

Best Action ShortRush by Adam Brashaw (UK)

Best Western Short: My Declaration by Jiayi Li (USA)

Best Crime Short: The Norwalk Witness by Travis Brown (USA)

Best Mystery ShortThe Guard by Shona Charlton (UK)

Best Fantasy ShortThe Seat by Tomoh Ueda and Fusae Nakamura (Japan)

Best Sci-Fi ShortGeneration Z by Andrea Riba (USA)

Best Horror Short: Deep Shock by Davide Melini (UK)

Best Experimental ShortLion Panther She-Wolf by Veras Fawaz (Netherlands)

Best Student ShortTorn by Lara Aslanian (USA)

Best Animation ShortKing of the House by Zige Zhang (USA)

Best Children ShortA Home for Curiosities by Ben Tobin (USA)

Best Women Short: The Guard by Shona Charlton (UK)

Best LGBTQ ShortAlia by Sreehari Purimetla (India)

Best MicrofilmLife to Ashes by Federico Mohr (Uruguay)

Best Music VideoSynecdoche Montauk: Wherever You Are by Oleg Trofim (Russia)

Best Web Series/TV PilotKilling Time with Lizzie Boredom by Elizabeth Theis (USA)

Best Director (Female): Hai Rihan for Kneeling Sheep (USA)

Best Director (Male): Travis Brown by The Norwalk Witness (USA)

Best Student Director (Female): Maria Perlifonova for Painted Survival (USA)

Best Student Director (Male): Prach Rojanasinwilai and Noah Ottersen Parker for A Renaissance (UK)

Best First Time Director (Female): Tara Lynn Rye for Wonderwood (USA)

Best First Time Director (Male): Clément de Dadelsen for Untitled (Sans Titre) (France)

Best Actress: Hong Mei for Kneeling Sheep (USA)

Best Actor: Scott Morrison Watson for A-Symmetry (UK)

Best Supporting Actress: Alice Renouf for A Renaissance (UK)

Best Supporting Actor: Christian de Dadelsen for Untitled (Sans Titre) (France)

Best Child/Young Actor: Matthew Fenton for Wee King of Nowhere (UK)

Best Acting Duo: Peter Riegert and  TJ Thyne for Extra Innings (USA)

Best Acting EnsembleJust in Time (USA)

Best Cinematography: Tomoh Ueda and Kouzou Sasaki for The Seat (Japan)

Best Editing: Hai Rihan for Kneeling Sheep (USA)

Best Visual FXLife to Ashes (Uruguay)

Best Sound Design: Bo Li for Mold (USA)

Best Original Score: Jimmy Marino for Into Light (USA)

Best Original Story: John Gray for Extra Innings (USA)





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