Honorable Mentions: August 2019

Independent Shorts AwardsBest Indie ShortA Death Perspective by Jessica Orcsik and Robbie Ryde (USA)

Best Indie ShortRetrieval by Brady Morell (USA)

Best Drama Short: A Common Name by Wonjae Song (South Korea)

Best Drama Short: The Nun’s Kaddish by Luis Ismael (Portugal)

Best Documentary Short: Forward by Ryan Vachon and Fernando Briones (USA)

Best Documentary Short: Unbecoming by Navid Mashayekhi (Canada)

Best Romantic ShortListen, Lana by Anthony Nelson (USA)

Best Romantic Short: Thin Walls by Dana Reilly (USA)

Best Comedy ShortA Million Times Before by Barrett Edmonds (USA)

Best Comedy ShortCaveman Did First by Jackson Rayfield (USA)

Best Dark Comedy ShortFate Alchemy by Ace Blankenship (USA)

Best Thriller ShortChained by Ganesh S Bhat (USA)

Best Thriller ShortWraak by Ivan Groenheijde (Netherlands)

Best Crime Short: The Secret by Vishnuprasad Sasidharan (India)

Best Crime Short: Wraak by Ivan Groenheijde (Netherlands)

Best Film Noir Short: Resolve by Austin Dragovich (USA)

Best Mystery ShortOpposition by Justin Jahn (USA)

Best Mystery ShortWhen The Eyes Are Closed by Zhang Xiaoan (USA)

Best Fantasy ShortAlder by Vanda Ladeira (UK)

Best Fantasy Short: Wee King of Nowhere by Peter Magát (UK)

Best Sci-Fi ShortBe My Guest by Yulia Budovskaya (Spain)

Best Horror Short: Nightfall by Jordan Wright (USA)

Best Horror Short: When The Eyes Are Closed by Zhang Xiaoan (USA)

Best Experimental ShortToska by Zoe Zou (USA)

Best Experimental ShortVibrations by Isabella Issa (USA)

Best Student ShortPit Stop by Mikail Ekiz (USA)

Best Student ShortThe Intangible by Lin Ziyan (China)

Best Animation ShortTo: You by Jiahui Liu (USA)

Best Women Short: A Death Perspective by Jessica Orcsik and Robbie Ryde (USA)

Best Women Short: A Missing Piece by Grace Chang (USA)

Best Women Short: Womxn by Tara Lynn Rye and Magen Ashley Young (USA)

Best LGBTQ ShortThe Turtle Light by Rachel Pollack (USA)

Best LGBTQ ShortTyler by Joel Junior (USA)

Best MicrofilmPostal by Naaji Adzimah (USA)

Best MicrofilmRachel’s Eyes by Denman Hatch (Canada)

Best Director (Male): Oleg Trofim for Synecdoche Montauk: Wherever You Are (Russia)

Best Director (Male): Tyrone Trullinger for Road Kill (USA)

Best Student Director (Female): Eaza Shukla for Re-Gifted (USA)

Best Student Director (Male): Gal Ron for Prom Posers (USA)

Best First Time Director (Female): Chien-Ni Yang for Milk Tea (Taiwan)

Best First Time Director (Male): Richard Israel for Into Light (USA)

Best Actress: Erin Alexis for Moderately Put Together (USA)

Best Actress: Lauren Hamilton Neill for A Remarkable Career (Australia)

Best Actor: Gian Paolo Mai for Dead Man Wait (Italy)

Best Supporting Actress: Sarah Bellini for Tyler (USA)

Best Supporting Actor: Motti Tadmor for Chained (USA)

Best Acting Duo: Adam Miller and Wendy Chamorro for Tick (USA)

Best Acting Duo: Lauren Hamilton Neill and Zoe Carides for A Remarkable Career (Australia)

Best Acting EnsembleThe Influencers (USA)

Best Acting EnsembleThe Sky Is Falling (Australia)

Best Cinematography: Francesco Malandrino for Painted Survival (USA)

Best Editing: Sumit Dubey for The Tigress Masque (India)

Best Sound Design: Austin Dragovich for Resolve (USA)

Best Original Score: Susan De Kam for The Sad Poet (USA)

Best Original Story: Paul William Dawkins for A Remarkable Career (Australia)





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