Bronze Awards: August 2019

Independent Shorts AwardsBest Indie ShortMilk Tea by Chien-Ni Yang (Taiwan)

Best Drama ShortWee King of Nowhere by Peter Magát (UK)

Best Documentary ShortModus Operandi of my Mind by Susanna Calhoun and Alexandra Carter (USA)

Best Romantic ShortA Million Times Before by Barrett Edmonds (USA)

Best Comedy ShortProm Posers by Gal Ron (USA)

Best Dark Comedy ShortDinner with Grandma by Christian Madsen (USA)

Best Thriller ShortTick by Bradley Dunn (USA)

Best Crime Short: Rendezvous by Seth Kozak and Damian Vielleux (USA)

Best Mystery ShortBe My Guest by Yulia Budovskaya (Spain)

Best Fantasy ShortInto Light by Richard Israel (USA)

Best Sci-Fi ShortBody and Mind by Enrique Suarez (USA)

Best Horror Short: Be My Guest by Yulia Budovskaya (Spain)

Best Experimental ShortFormation by Vesely Marek (Austria)

Best Student ShortBefore the Thunder by Yelena Krivosheyeva (USA)

Best Animation ShortSoliloquy or The Goose by Kainoa Jung Ruivivar (USA)

Best Women Short: Good Conversation by Jenn Gomez (USA)

Best LGBTQ ShortUnbecoming by Navid Mashayekhi (Canada)

Best MicrofilmOpposition by Justin Jahn (USA)

Best Music VideoThe Camera’s On by Andrew Aidman (USA)

Best Web Series/TV PilotThe Influencers by Katie Burris (USA)

Best Director (Female): Haley Webb for Joyeux Noël (USA)

Best Director (Male): Scott D Clark and Frank Souter for The Sky Is Falling (Australia)

Best Student Director (Female): Denise Chan for Kaeru (USA)

Best First Time Director (Female): Rachel Pollack for The Turtle Light (USA)

Best First Time Director (Male): Andrew Acedo for The Sad Poet (USA)

Best Actress: Katarina Morhacova for Rendezvous (USA)

Best Actor: Louis Hall for A Renaissance (UK)

Best Supporting Actress: Stephanie Langford for The Difference (Canada)

Best Child/Young Actress: Penny Munroe for The Ebbing (USA)

Best Child/Young Actor: Na’Jae Green for Retrieval (USA)

Best Acting Duo: Chantey Collet and Robin F. Baker for Two Peas In A Pod (USA)

Best Acting EnsembleThe Norwalk Witness (USA)

Best Cinematography: Erin Collett for Anne (USA)

Best Editing: Vesely Marek for Formation (Austria)

Best Sound Design: Ben Huff, Ben Scanlan and Alberto Cruz for In an Empty Wood (USA)

Best Original Score: Bon Chagrin for Joyeux Noël (USA)

Best Original Story: Miskar Chomse for Body and Mind (USA)

Best Trailer/Teaser: The Sky Is Falling (Australia)





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