5 Ways To Live Before You Die

5 Ways to Live Before You Die

When Dr. Storey’s patients are faced with a cancer diagnosis and the possibility of their imminent death, they are invited to truly start living. In this short, yet meaningful documentary, Dr. Raul Story, a renowned oncologist, shares Five Ways To Live Before You Die. This masterpiece is the result of many insightful conversations he’s had with his patients throughout his career as he walks by them in their journey towards recovery.

Dr. Storey’s 5 Ways to Live Before you Die offer a powerful blueprint to live a rich life, where the possibility of life coming to an end marks a new beginning. Viewers are invited to Stop Waiting to make their dreams come true, and instead take action from the present moment. Storey shares the impact of Finding Joy in everyday life, as well as the importance of Practicing Gratitude as a source of strength. Cancer survivor, Ari, shares how accepting his diagnosis and welcoming cancer into his life as a collaborator, were key components in his healing process. Storey illustrates how Learning How To Say No is a powerful method of self-care that needs to be incorporated in everyday life. Additionally, he advices viewers to intentionally seek to Be Creative, as he has witnessed first-hand the healing capability of art. Dr. Raul Storey’s healing center in Vero Beach, Fl. incorporates art therapy as an important component in his holistic approach to recovery. Storey’s patients and collegues all agree that creativity offers a profound way of thriving during challenging times and empowers patients into becoming active participants in their recovery. Finally, Dr. Raul Storey invites all viewers to contemplate their mortality, regardless of their current health conditions… and start living.

Directed by Julio Mendez (USA)

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