I Exist Because You're Here

I Exist Because You’re Here

In a three-floor house, a 79-year-old man lives with his wife’s memories that he avoids facing by spending all day in a local cinema.

The walls in his house are now slowly ageing while Thomas’s wrinkles start telling the time.
On an essential visit to the groceries, he notices a telescope, that once belonged to his wife, sitting at the window of an antique shop. Thomas tries to buy the telescope; however, the Antique Shop Owner is a collector of broken things and selling her dearest objects are not on her agenda.
His dearest telescope is Thomas’ only companion and his life project for a while.

This is a film that dialogues with our lonely selves. To be lonely and when we don’t show up. It’s, hopefully, a wake-up call for being more present to our loved ones and finding joy in our surroundings, making the most when it seems there’s very little available for us. Even if the joy comes from warming memories and broken objects.

Directed by Ingrid Machado (Ireland)

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