Silver Awards: July 2022

Best Indie ShortSmall Pond by Benjamin Parry and Thomas Parry (UK)

Best Drama ShortThe Song of Vagrants by Xinyue Bi (China)

Best Documentary Short: Dear Audrey by Nehir Onay (USA)

Best Comedy Short: Digital Warfare by Stephanie Farber (USA)

Best Dark Comedy ShortStrictly Meringue by “Alias” (Dan Delfosse) (USA)

Best Thriller Short: Penitence by Iain P Smith (USA)

Best Mystery Short: John by Dmitriy Shcherbakov (Ukraine)

Best Sci-Fi ShortGhost by Artur Sallinen (Finland)

Best Western Short: Billie by John Rhode and Tanner Thompson (USA)

Best Experimental ShortOn The Other Side by Patrice LaCroix (Canada)

Best Student ShortMartyn by Richard La (Canada)

Best Animation ShortTippy Topper by Isis Rubio and Paige Thorsen (USA)

Best Romantic Short: The Altors by Lisa L Wilson and Greg Payton (USA)

Best Web Series/TV PilotThe Chambers – In God We Trust by Sura Khan (USA)

Best Director (Female): Elly Cho for The Eclipse: Recognized by the Sound (South Korea)

Best Director (Male): Brown Frown for Clown Needs a Rock Fix (USA)

Best Student Director (Female): Hongjin Chen for Found You (USA)

Best Student Director (Male): Noah Rogers for Joe (USA)

Best First Time Director (Male): Yizhi Lin for Guan C·X8129 (China)

Best Young Filmmaker: Lawrence Kan for Mango (Hong Kong)

Best Actress: Heather Konowal for Strictly Meringue (USA)

Best Actor: Hiro Takashima for Sinking (USA)

Best Supporting Actor: Tom Mahard for The Sponsor (USA)

Best Child/Young Actor: Xiran Chen for Self-Review (China)

Best Acting Duo: Levi Bernhardt and Dan Pousson for On Another Note (USA)

Best Ensemble Cast: Debra Wilson, Thomas William, and Travis Owens for Billie (USA)

Best Cinematography: Michal Szymczak for Demiurg (Poland)

Best Visual FX: Marcin Przymus and Emilia Szymańska for Demiurg (Poland)

Best Sound Design: Oliver Hamilton for Down The Line (USA)

Best Original Score: Travis Lohmann for Tender Moon (USA)

Best Original Story: Dylan Huang for Sinking (USA)

Best Short ScriptMister Opportunity by John McCloskey (USA)






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