Gold Awards: July 2022

Best Indie ShortClown Needs a Rock Fix by Brown Frown (USA)

Best Drama ShortDispatch by Aeryn Lee (USA)

Best Documentary Short: Saging the World by Rose Ramirez, Deborah Small, and David Bryant (USA)

Best Dark Comedy ShortClown Needs a Rock Fix by Brown Frown (USA)

Best Film Noir Short: Between The Ocean And The Snow by Peder Thomas Pedersen and Heine Kaarsbjerg (Denmark)

Best Sci-Fi ShortTender Moon by Mabel Amanda Maultsby (USA)

Best Experimental ShortFace by Sophia Kyriacou (UK)

Best Student ShortSinking by Dylan Huang (USA)

Best Animation ShortRealign by Ruei-Feng Huang (Taiwan)

Best Children Short: Tippy Topper by Isis Rubio and Paige Thorsen (USA)

Best Women ShortThe Red Rose and the White Rose by Xuebing Feng (USA)

Best Romantic Short: Nextea by Javier Otero (Spain)

Best MicrofilmDown The Line by Oliver Hamilton (USA)

Best Music VideoHankland by Henry Jack Toll (USA)

Best Web Series/TV PilotTour Bus Legends by Austin Jones (USA)

Best Director (Female): Aeryn Lee for Dispatch (USA)

Best Director (Male): Bugsy Riverbank Steel for Searcher (UK)

Best Student Director (Female): Jaehee Cheong for Still Alive (USA)

Best Student Director (Male): Dylan Huang for Sinking (USA)

Best First Time Director (Female): Mabel Amanda Maultsby for Tender Moon (USA)

Best First Time Director (Male): Jaxon Whittington for Pink Wings (USA)

Best Actress: Emily Ruhl for 13th Stepping (USA)

Best Actor: Jamie Andrew Cutler for Searcher (UK)

Best Supporting Actor: Thor-Olav Andersen for The Crossing (Norway)

Best Acting Duo: Brittney Bertier and Michael Gazin for Caged (USA)

Best Ensemble Cast: Zoë Yeoman, Lisa Lucas, Riley Del Rey, Jeremiah Core, Phil Mahoney, Gentry Lee, Angela Wilson, Greg Farinelli, Michael Stone, Jeanette Aguilar Harris, Ariana Eve Spencer, Ron Weisberg, and Paul Grant for Dispatch (USA)

Best Cinematography: Joel Korhonen for The Perimeter (Finland)

Best Editing: Oliver Hamilton for Down The Line (USA)

Best Production Design: Rachel Aileen Abraham for Sinking (USA)

Best Visual FX: Chia-Ning Chang, Wen-Hsuan Yang, Dong-Cheng Wu, I-Hsuan Lu, Erique Chong, Kuan-Yi Lee, Po-Jui Huang, Shin-Jui Tsai, An-Yu Cheng, Jo-Ming Kao, Jessica Wu, and Wang-Ting Lo for Realign (Taiwan)

Best Sound Design: James Wilson for Searcher (UK)

Best Original Score: Tuomas Metsämaa for The Perimeter (Finland)

Best Original Story: Marek Nowak for Demiurg (Poland)

Best Short ScriptStay by Mark Tives (USA)






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