Silver Awards: April 2023

Best Indie ShortThe Female General`s Moustache by Disheng Zhang (China)

Best Drama ShortEverything Is Not What It Seems by Anton Chernonog (USA)

Best Documentary ShortFlo Jo: A Daughter’s Love by Shannon Dion (USA)

Best Romantic ShortDumdum by Giancarlo Diaz (USA)

Best Comedy ShortZa by Sam Silverstein (USA)

Best Dark Comedy Short: All We Have to Do is Kill One Guy by Jason Dugre (USA)

Best Sci-Fi ShortThe Knock by Marcus Liversedge (UK)

Best Fantasy Short: Diana: Blood Rage by Adam Seals (USA)

Best Experimental Short: Carlos Gómez Centurión: I Say Mercedario by Raphael Castoriano and Gustavo Travieso (USA)

Best Student ShortYou, Protagonist by Zibo Fan (China)

Best Animation ShortRebirth by Frank Kilpatrick (USA)

Best Children ShortBuilding a Bridge by Qingning Xiang (China)

Best Women ShortBliss and Sad by Chenxing Yang (China)

Best Music VideoClaudia Hoyser – Small Town Motels by Tim Leverett, Tony Gross, and Claudia Hoyser (USA)

Best Web Series/TV Pilot: What If by Maria Alejandra Hernandez (USA)

Best Parody ShortLet’s Go Action Squadron! by Paris Brown (USA)

Best Female Director: Nicole Sofia for Hamartia (Canada)

Best Male Director: Raphael Castoriano and Gustavo Travieso for Carlos Gómez Centurión: I Say Mercedario (USA)

Best Student Female Director: Qingning Xiang for Building a Bridge (China)

Best Student Male Director: Zetian Xu for So Long, My Daughter (China)

Best First Time Female Director: Emily Teague for Rosé Haze (USA)

Best First Time Male Director: Shang Jung Wu for Heroes And Puppets (Taiwan)

Best Actress: Adriana Bermudez for Escape (USA)

Best Acting Duo: Natalie Bendheim and Roy Gutierrez for Meat Cute (USA)

Best Ensemble Cast: Juliette Cecile, Christina Ledo, and Amy MacKay for 360 (USA)

Best Cinematography: Zichen Zhou for Bliss and Sad (China)

Best Editing: Christian Heflin for Alone (USA)

Best Production DesignBliss and Sad (China)

Best Sound DesignPaper Line (USA)

Best Original ScoreHamartia (Canada)

Best Original Story: Zetian Xu for So Long, My Daughter (China)

Best Short ScriptThe Age of Blood by Alexa Salimpour (USA)






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