Honorable Mentions: April 2023

Best Indie ShortGarbage by Di Zhang (USA)

Best Drama ShortHeroes And Puppets by Shang Jung Wu (Taiwan)

Best Documentary ShortWitch, Reborn by Maria Shevtsova (UK)

Best Romantic ShortMutual by Maverick Garcia (USA)

Best Comedy ShortLove In Space by Jordan Tofalo (USA)

Best Dark Comedy Short: Boss Bitch by Bobby Godas (USA)

Best Crime Short: Under by Abraham Lopez (USA)

Best Fantasy Short: Let’s Go Action Squadron! by Paris Brown (USA)

Best Experimental Short: Echoes by Trina Noel Davis and Barry Berger (USA)

Best Student ShortTo Mitchell by William Terry Woodward (Australia)

Best Children ShortRebirth by Frank Kilpatrick (USA)

Best Women ShortSueños De Mi Hija by Cecilia Romo (USA)

Best LGBTQ ShortCome Out of the Dream by Yiming Pan (USA)

Best Music VideoWerk by Emilia Mendieta Cordova and Charley Young (USA)

Best Web Series/TV Pilot: True Stories With Titles – Episode 1: Space by Rob McLean (Canada)

Best Female Director: Anisha Savan for I’ll Never Be Alive Again (USA)

Best Student Female Director: Lusha Li for The Hallway (China)

Best Student Male Director: Cole Mandras for Only Actors (USA)

Best First Time Female Director: Ekaterina Poletaeva for First Thing First (USA)

Best First Time Male Director: Vasco Madureira Rocha for Álvaro (Portugal)

Best Young Filmmaker: Carter Stoudt for The Box (USA)

Best Actress: Maria Alejandra Hernandez for What If (USA)

Best Supporting Actress: Ava Staggs for Sisterly Love (UK)

Best Supporting Actor: Stash for Love In Space (USA)

Best Child/Young Actress: Saoirse Maguire for Sisterly Love (UK)

Best Acting Duo: Malia Aniston and Joe Smith for Mutual (USA)

Best Ensemble Cast: Elsie Lees, Logan Robinson, Miguel Aguiar, Ben Prout, Toby Childs, Isabella Claxton, Mimi McAdams, Phoebe Abraham, Jack Hatherell, Oliver Budakiewicz, Lily Jones, Zach Jones, Lydia Prosser, and Alesha Mutimukulu for Halloween Detectives (UK)

Best Cinematography: Only Actors (USA)

Best Production Design: Jenny Henwood for Halloween Detectives (UK)

Best Original Score: Michael Bryan Stein for Lockdown (USA)

Best Original Story: Christina Eliason for Lockdown (USA)

Best Short ScriptCross Examination by John Kestner (USA)






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