Finalists: April 2023

A Meeting Between Two: The Secret by Yoram Marcus and Eyal Kantor (Israel)

A Night In Charlotte With Sweeney Ty by Ty Brueilly (USA)

A Turkey’s Time by Will Abbott and Claire Acerno (USA)

Adam “Blunose” Lopez by James Valdez (USA)

Afadia by Jazeel Gayle (USA)

Airmen by Alicia Borja and Logan Satterlee (USA)

Credits Among Friends by Alexis Ramirez (USA)

Curettage by Sepideh Ghavami (Iran)

Delvin by Terry Luke Podnar (USA)

Drive Safe by Tristin Hurst and Harper Bilash (USA)

Encounters by the Water by Joao Manoel Machado (Brazil)

Four Miles From Rodeo Drive by Mona Shahab (USA)

Graffiti for the End of Domestic Violence by Maybel Sulamita (Brazil)

He Wants To Play by Marlana Ball (USA)

Hi, I’m Ralph by Bryce Gerson (USA)

If I Were Prime Minister by Yoram Marcus (Israel)

Imagine by John Bolbot (UK)

Interview with A Monk by Shekar Daryl (USA)

Islandtrification by Lani Cupchoy (USA)

Joe Kerr: Laughter Is Therapy by Michael Obiora (UK)

LDN 51.5072° N, 0.1276° W (Illusion London) by ShangYun Wu (UK)

Lifetime Sandwich by Jared Angcanan (USA)

Like Son, Like Father by Mark Bethea (USA)

My Funny Valentine (The Story of Allen Collins) by Kevin Overton (USA)

Nick Young by Aidan Ross Singer (USA)

Nightmare Therapy by Kendrick Whiteman (USA)

Parting Song by Kristen Cubbage (USA)

Phasmophobia by Alvin Roy Sutanto (Indonesia)

Real Men Wear Pink by Elizabeth Jane Findley (USA)

Shrink by Theodore Keana Lewis Andrews (USA)

Solitude and Spirits by Finn Bell (USA)

Sunday at the Chelsea by Cathie Boruch (USA)

The Cost Of Money by Robbie Ryde (USA)

The Next to Last Supper by John Kestner (USA)

This Wall Must Come Down: The Annie Burns Hicks Story by Roland G. Parrish (USA)

To Be Like You by Meredith Esquivel (USA)

Trade-Off by Niso Kapsalis (USA)

What’s Your Emergency? by Theodore Keana Lewis Andrews (USA)






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