Independent Shorts Awards

Blink of an Eye

A typical teenage girl that is an amazing daughter, big sister, student and dancer. She injures her knee and pain medication isn’t enough so she falls prey to heroin. This is a horrific but all too common end for this wonderful young lady.
Directed by Greg Robbins (USA)

My Country is Missing

As a result of the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, 22-year Liza moves to Canada to study. Being far from family isn’t easy, but even more difficult is seeing that people around her aren’t aware of the troubles in her country.
Directed by Liza Korotka (Canada)

Dave & Theo

Two delinquents on the downside of advantage spend their days trying to get off the streets and lead a normal life by any means necessary. Along the way, the people they encounter lead them even further down the rabbit hole.
Directed by David Hoey and Nicholas Burton (Australia)

The Appointment

Gary is struggling with his wife’s affair, but today his demeanor is different when he visits the psychiatrist, Dr. Aron Sharma.
Directed by Shayla Ash (UK)

Jeffrey’s Radio

When 6-year-old Jeffrey dies a mysterious death, his parents move out to never to be seen or heard from again. When the Goldsteins purchase the house looking for a new start, Shortly after strange things begin to happen when 12-year-old Rebecca finds an old radio in her bedroom that’s gonna leash a reign of terror so sinister. It sends them packing and running for the hills. In this thriller/horror, they will learn the true meaning of “listen at your own risk”.
Directed by Kathryn L. Scurry (USA)