Independent Shorts Awards

Sunflower Soup

“Sunflower Soup” follows a relapsed alcoholic in a post-pandemic world as he experiences the visions of his late wife and daughter and attempts to pave a lifestyle with whatever seems to be left.
Directed by Marissa A. Martinez (USA)

Pacific Garbage Patch Pup

Critically-endangered Hawaiian monk seal pup “playing” with marine debris on Midway Atoll, Northwestern Hawaiian Islands, part of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.
Directed by Mary Piller (USA)

Jewel of the Pacific

What happens when a sleepy beach town starts transforming? Surfers move in. Beach and surf revolution begins. Next, college students make it a bustling neighborhood of their own. Then come the entrepreneurs and work professionals, demanding better restaurants, better bars, better fitness options, and of course their own farmers market. Cost of living starts going up, pushing out original residents. Happened in New York City in the 80’s, then San Francisco in the 90’s. Now gentrification is spreading across the United States and perhaps the world. Join us in exploring this topic with Jewel of the Pacific. In the heart of San Diego, California. Pacific Beach.
Directed by Eladio Arvelo (USA)

A Wreckoning

When a bully goes too far during a street-race, he never realized the depth of the mistake he was making until it was too late.
Directed by Carlos Hagene (USA)