Independent Shorts Awards


Love. From it’s end to the magical moment when we fall into it. We follow Anne & Elizabeth through their relationship. A visceral love story told through music and dance.
Directed by Nick Mandri-Perrott (Spain)


A dark comedy about a group of female Eco-Assassins whose mission is to rid the world of those who would abuse their beloved planet.
Directed by Alexa Mercado and Michael Mastrangelo (USA)


Three months after the accident that left his little brother wheelchair-bound, Matt, an outgoing 20-year-old, returns home.
Directed by Aloiz Krisak (Canada)

Selective Memory

After recently experiencing a traumatic loss, a young woman discovers a new pill that would allow her to erase her worst memories.
Directed by Caleb Murphy (USA)

The Sun Set in 1997

A college student needs to make a choice on whether or not to apply to a $1,000 “Love Your Mother” scholarship after he envisions the life he thinks his mom had in 1997.
Directed by Triana Peña (USA)

A Ferry Tale

This short film is about a father and his two autistic children. They get on the ferry on a wintry day. They meet with some disappointing incidents in their short trip. Due to some impatient passengers’ reactions to his children’s unintentional actions, the father feels sad and loses his hope.
Directed by Mehmet Tığlı (Turkey)