Independent Shorts Awards


What is life if not for all the details that come together to make every moment happen? This is the question explored in Timed. Two unnamed observers hash out human nature as they dive into all the ridiculousness that comes with being part of mankind. A mysterious and possibly world-ending mission has brought the observers to a park, where they explore just how much mankind relies on the completely made up concept of time.
Written by Kathleen Wolak (USA)

Morning Star

Cleo and Sadie have made a friendship pact to defy this boring world and existence. But can you really be best friends… forever? This short film is a meditation on satanic feminists, choice, and female expectations in a patriarchal society.
Directed by Arabella Anderson (USA)


A young soldier, conflicted by his past, is faced with his greatest obstacle: himself.
Directed by Nathan Cragun (USA)

Do What Thou Wilt

Josie and Carmen are stranded by the roadside on the way to a wedding, reluctantly they hitch a ride with a handsome stranger who is not all that he seems.
Directed by Darren Brade (UK)

Little Angel

Two vampires thought their 11-year-old little brother, Angel, died in San Francisco’s 1906 earthquake. Now, more than a century later, they discover that Little Angel is still alive. The boy vampire brings Laura, his mortal caretaker, to a family reunion which quickly becomes a bloody feast. When one of the older brothers makes an inappropriate move on Laura, the gathering takes a nasty turn. And the fight triggers a major turning point in the relationship between Little Angel and his human companion.
Directed by Wonien Garcia (USA)


A girl defies her cautious mother to retrieve her lost balloon.
Written by William MacDonald (UK)


Ashley has a new job at a big powerful pharmaceutical company, she finds out what power truly runs that place.
Directed by Adrian Ventura (USA)


An absurdist comedy about a girl caught in the midst of a high school love triangle and the evil gum piece trying to corrupt her mind along the way.
Directed by Joseph Blank (USA)

Based on a True Story

Sometimes the best stories are the ones that were never planed. This short comedy was created for the 24-hour film competition where everything, including the writing, filming, and editing had to be completed in 24 hours!
Directed by Nicholas Herder-Dwarika (USA)