Baffled at the sudden exit of Aradhya from his life, lost -in-love Ashvath has curled into his world of silence, finding refuge in books. A breaking news story fills the missing link and decodes the past but it is probably too late.

There is nothing extraordinary in the love story of Ashvath and Aradhya. They break up one fine day just for his unfounded rage at Aradhya taking on the Ice bucker Challenge. Ashvath is crumbled and has retreated into his world of silence and books, helping his friend at a bookstore.

Unintentionally, he believes to have round the missing link to Aradhya’s unexplained exist in a most unlikely news story. Only their mutual friend, Annie, a practicing doctor, can confirm it.

Love finds its way but sometimes, as with Ashvath, the catharsis to its crushing pain is acceptance – of the reasons, causes, and effects that one cannot fathom.

Directed by Vishnu Udayan (India)

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