Honorable Mentions: November 2019

Best Indie ShortFestival Of The Midnight Sun by Björn Rallare, Niklas Mertel Ekelund, and Peder Carlsson (Sweden)

Best Drama ShortLeaving Smith’s Pond by Harrington Day (UK)

Best Documentary ShortConservation Trip with Empowers Africa, Wildlands and WildlifeACT by Empowers Africa/Black Bean Productions (South Africa)

Best Documentary ShortThe Dog Healers by Karina Flowenbaum (Argentina)

Best Comedy ShortFirst by Sam Platizky and William R. Farley (USA)

Best Comedy ShortWomen Of Valley Forge by Molly Clark (USA)

Best Dark Comedy ShortHappiness – An Alien Concept by Cheryl Bayliss (UK)

Best Dark Comedy ShortI’ve Got You Beat by Billy Farley (USA)

Best Thriller ShortMaelstrom by Timothy Collins (USA)

Best Mystery Short: Nojo by Pedro Mira (Portugal)

Best Action ShortThe Only Road by Alan Bagh, Sergio Valencia, and Nathan Miguel (USA)

Best Sci-Fi ShortDreaming of The Moon by Michael Step (UK)

Best Horror ShortSketch by Jared Leaf (USA)

Best Experimental ShortDrawing You by Raza Tariq (UK)

Best Experimental ShortManifesto by Richard Marra (USA)

Best Student ShortThe 14th by Qi Qi (China)

Best Animation ShortROARrrr: The Beast King’s Great Discovery by Charles Taylor (USA)

Best Children ShortROARrrr: The Beast King’s Great Discovery by Charles Taylor (USA)

Best Women ShortNaked Ambition by Mai Iskander (USA)

Best Women ShortOut of the Quiet by CC Weske (USA)

Best LGBTQ ShortTaboo by Jato Smith (USA)

Best MicrofilmThis Body Has No Text by Sophie Bardos (USA)

Best Web Series/TV PilotThird Shift by Rich Baker (USA)

Best Web and New MediaHello Realtor by David M Gutel (USA)

Best Director (Female): Mai Iskander for Naked Ambition (USA)

Best Director (Male): Harrington Day for Leaving Smith’s Pond (UK)

Best Student Director (Male): Kelly Needleman for Wilderness Quest (USA)

Best First Time Director (Female): Li Geqi for The Wrecker (China)

Best First Time Director (Male): Ayman Samman for Jumper (USA)

Best First Time Director (Male): Petr Melnikov for The Listener (Russia)

Best Actress: Candice Edwards-Marchrones for Naked Ambition (USA)

Best Actress: Katelyn Brooke for Out of the Quiet (USA)

Best Child/Young Actor: Jialun Deng for Xiong (China)

Best Acting Duo: Sergey Pavlov and Diana Klyushkina for The Listener (Russia)

Best Cinematography: Konstantinos Koukoulios, Kiren Jadhav, Anirudh Menon, and Prremanand Bhageerathan for Bedhab (Odd) (India)

Best Editing: Lucas Eubank for It’s Ya Boi (USA)

Best Production Design: Alexey Krin for The Listener (Russia)

Best Production Design: Harrington Day for Leaving Smith’s Pond (UK)

Best Production Design: Kelsey Combe for Ironrite (USA)

Best Original Score: Danny Ashkenasi for The Tell-Tale Heart: A Musicabre (USA)

Best Original Score: Joe Sanders for Out of the Quiet (USA)

Best Original Story: Karoly Palfai for Lecho (Hungary)

Best Original Story: Petr Melnikov for The Listener (Russia)






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