Finalists: November 2019

Official Selection

A House by the Sea by Carolina Brettler (USA)

Aeons by John F. Thomas (USA)

All The Wrong Things In The Right Places by Peter Sacco (Canada)

Before the Ink is Dry by John Sciarretta (USA)

Breathe by Austin Smith (USA)

Fishbowl by Chelsea Carpenito (USA)

Forest From The Sky by Young Roc (USA)

High Strung (Escalator to Hell) by Daniel McDougall (Canada)

I Resign by Jay Mohan (USA)

Knuckles by William C. Simmons (USA)

Lost and Found by Dezmyre Volmeus (USA)

Lost Luna by Apratim De (India)

Martin The Sea Turtle by Molly Clark (USA)

Nikki Sings Again by Isaac Medeiros (USA)

Pulling The Evidence that Remains by Kendra Brown (USA)

Pushing Buttons by Summer Rudas (USA)

Romero’s Haunted Horrors Survival Guide by John Silver (USA)

Scars by Xiwen Miao (USA)

Solarity by Marianne Verrone (USA)

Suicide by Zehan Zhang (China)

The Message by Andrew Medeiros (USA)

The Never Ending Nightmare by Grant Michael Eastey (USA)

The Savior by Tarun Sardana (USA)

The Sorcerer’s Fragments by Pablo Adame (Mexico)

The Tower by Samuel Utomo (USA)

The Web Opera by Kate Jopson (USA)

The White Rose by Kaley Chandler (USA)

The Witching Hour by Graham Burrell (USA)

Tuesday Afternoon Kitchen by Dan Summers (UK)

Unsung Hero by Alan Bagh, Sergio Valencia, Rich Bagh, and Nathan Miguel (USA)






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