Gold Awards: November 2021

Best Indie Short: The Meditater by Justin Giegerich (USA)

Best Drama Short: Lazarus by Guillaume Corde (France)

Best Documentary Short: Life’s Good by Jackson Tisi (South Korea)

Best Romantic Short: Quest for Love by Wendy Wang (USA)

Best Dark Comedy Short: Wait for the Dog by Ian Rowe and Dillon Petrillo (USA)

Best Thriller Short: Synchronic by Andres Irias (USA)

Best Mystery Short: Lost Trauma by Joey Van Rumpt (Netherlands)

Best Horror Short: In The Depths by Liam James Carter (New Zealand)

Best Fantasy Short: The Exit by Sara Saghari (UK)

Best Experimental Short: Battle of Gaman by Auryn Rotten (Australia)

Best Student Short: Someone in Time by Yu Zhang (USA)

Best Animation Short: The Combine by Micah Chambers-Goldberg (USA)

Best Children Short: Evil Professor by Susan Lim, Christina Teenz Tan, and Samudra Kajal Saikia (USA)

Best Women Short: The Exit by Sara Saghari (UK)

Best LGBTQ Short: The Out-Fit by Maty Young (USA)

Best Microfilm: I Don’t Want Him Either by Heather Hawthorn Doyle (Canada)

Best Music Video: Breathe by Troy Christian (USA)

Best Director (Female): Sara Saghari for The Exit (UK)

Best Director (Male): Malcolm Green for Finding Abraham (UK)

Best Student Director (Female): Shiyue Xu for Locust Tree (China)

Best Student Director (Male): Milo Ma for The Storm (China)

Best First Time Director (Male): Tyler Kirby for Rock Hard with the Clown (USA)

Best Young Filmmaker: Jaren Elijah Leiken for Project Turtle (USA)

Best Actress: Tabitha Tyree for ​​Be Still (USA)

Best Actor: Ian Rowe for Wait for the Dog (USA)

Best Supporting Actor: Mike Bodie for Journey Home (UK)

Best Acting Duo: Me+You (USA)

Best Ensemble Cast: Eduardo Venosa, Ricardo Amâncio, Diego Freiria, Isabella Castilho, and Laurêncio Morelli for Professional Experience (Brazil)

Best Cinematography: Be Still (USA)

Best Editing: Mengyao Mia Zhang for Spaceship (USA)

Best Production Design: Breathe (USA)

Best Visual FX: In The Depths (New Zealand)

Best Sound Design: Into the Circle (USA)

Best Original Score: Into the Circle (USA)

Best Original Story: Ian Rowe, Jason Joyce, and Dillon Petrillo for Wait for the Dog (USA)

Best Short Script: Where’s Our Waiter? by Emily Kane (USA)






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