Finalists: November 2021

A Moment In Time by James Bell (USA)

A Truth of Passing by Brandon T Rendon-Torres (USA)

Abstract by Kostiantyn Mishchenko (USA)

An Act of Unity by Cedric O’Bannon (USA)

At Raygar’s by John McCloskey (USA)

Begrudged by Joe Tadros Abdelsayed (USA)

Beirut After 40 by Anthony Merchak (Lebanon)

Bye Bye Buddy by Dylan Trupiano (USA)

Clarissa Uprooted: Youth and Elders Uncover the Story of Black Rochester by Teen Empowerment (USA)

Copper Lines by Banjii & Mayuri (USA)

Crop Season by Sebastian Mandryka (USA)

Ek Pyaali Chai by Nitin Patil (USA)

Fishing with Wally by Ellie Schmidt (USA)

Halloween at the Vet Clinic by Veronika Viven Biro (Ireland)

His Secret by Vernon Williams III (USA)

How She Eats Her Cookies by Anne-Marie Krytiuk and Mihály Szabados (Canada)

I Am Here Only by Nicholas Grozier (USA)

Jen3 by Martin Luther Burnell (USA)

Just Us by Renwick McAslan (USA)

Scenes from an Apartment by Michelle Levy (USA)

Set It Off Tonight by Mindy Strouse and Lisa Dietrich (USA)

Silver Heist by Eamonn Michael Eeles (Australia)

Spaghetti and Western by Rob McLean (Canada)

Sprout by An Nuo (USA)

The Beetle Survey by Will Oates (Isle of Man)

The Game by Daniel Denegre (USA)

The Lost Sock by Basho Jazz Fleming (USA)

The Music Store by David Ongtooguk (USA)

The Untouchables by Pablo Pintor and Eleonora Comelli (Argentina)

Violet Rains by Dan Ahn (USA)

When I Met Mia by Merivelle Hannah (USA)






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